How to Boost Up Your Memory


One of the most important functions of our brain is to help us remember something. Our brain receives information every single day. And memory is a place where we store the information. When we need one or some piece of information, the brain will recall it for us so we remember the thing. That’s when our brain works so well.

However, the ‘recalling’ function of our brain doesn’t work well all the time. That’s when we forget what to say in the presentation or what to answer in the exam.

How does it happen? Why some people are able to remember very well while some people aren’t? Why does the same person experiencing the different level of memory during their ages?

While there is a big role of genetic factor, there are so many other factors that are able to affect our memory. Those factors include but not limited to health, habit, food, chemical substance, and feeling. Even lack of sleep and anxiety can decrease your memory.

In this article, I would like to share several practical things you can do to boost up your memory. Because memory is able to change. And we want it to change better.


Mensana in corpore sano. This famous Latin phrase reminds us that we need to keep good physical health to gain mental health. With routine exercise, our heart can pump more optimally and our brain can receive a good supply of oxygen. The healthy brain is the key to great memorizing skill.

Drink Green Tea

A number of scientific studies have proved that consuming green tea has positive effects on memory and learning. Green tea has amazing compounds like catechin, which is effective to combat DNA oxidative damage and polyphenol, antioxidant that prevents cell damage.

Eat Up Colorful Fruits and Vegetables

Talking about antioxidant, of course, we gotta come to fruits and vegetables, especially the colorful ones. The natural compounds which give color to those fruits and vegetables are often the antioxidant compounds that act as the cell protector against damage and aging.

Stay Away from the Ugly Foods

One of the worst things that damage our cells is ugly foods. I am not talking about the foods which don’t have garnish over it. What I mean with ugly foods are foods that contain saturated fats and too-high calories. A study shows that diets high in saturated fats lead to impaired memory.

Sleep Well

Another reason that sometimes our brain cannot function optimally is that at those time we got lack of sleep. The human body needs some rest and that’s why night comes after the long day. Sleep is our natural need, so go get yourself one. Not just any sleep, get a very good recharging sleep.

Get Hydrated

Did you know? The brain cannot feel pain.

So when our body (includes our brain) is dehydrated, the brain cannot complain to you with a sore feeling like how cracked lips do.

The way our brain complain to us when we get dehydrated is often via a migraine or dizziness. When that sign comes, it’s very hard for us to remember or even to think clearly. The feeling is so bad, I tell you.

So get yourself enough water for your body (not too much, not too little).

Establish Connection between Things

Relate the new information you receive with another thing you’ve already stored in your brain. For example, when you first learn the integral symbol, remember the S letter and the double-ended crochet hook. Relating one thing to another helps your brain to build new links. The more connected links in your brain, the easier you remember things.

Pay Attention

Why do we forget about something? Because we fail to recall it. Why do we fail to recall it from our memory? Well, there might be several reasons, but there is one thing we often do; We fail to recall information from our memory because we didn’t put that information into our memory.

That’s how most of the student fails at the exam, isn’t it? They don’t like a subject, so they don’t pay attention to the subject, so they barely add information about the subject to their memory, and when the exam comes, they can’t answer it well.

So, next time you want to remember an information, try to focus on it. Pay attention to it and aim to remember it.

Try Brain Workout

Oh, yeah. Here is my favorite part. When I was in school I love doing brain workout because after doing it I felt that my brain works quicker than before. Here are several kinds of brain workouts you can try:

  • Practice hand-eye coordination
  • Play ‘thinking’ games i.e. puzzle, chess, sudoku, or Rubik’s cube
  • Read a lot a broad range of topic
  • Learn a new language
  • Train your taste buds to distinguish every different piece of meal on your plate

Live Happily

Stress is one of the worst brain cells’ enemies. Together, stress and anger are able to destroy some of your brain cells. Chronic stress leads to not only mental but also physical health problems. All of those situations might greatly threaten your overall well-being, including your brain’s ability to function well.

Start to live happily. Relax your mind. Avoid stress. And believe that good things will happen.

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