10 Keto Diet Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner


Rejoice, healthy people! Keto diet hacks are here!

Keto diet is recently being so popular these past years, presumably because it’s so effective to help people losing weight.

Keto diet is basically the diet where you decide to restrict carbohydrates in your meal plan. Sounds tough? Not really. I have compiled 10 of the best tricks here to help you go through your keto diet. These hacks are easy to follow and super effective. The more often you stick to these hacks the easier your diet will be. So check them out and bookmark this post. Let’s go!

Build a support system

Let your family and best friends know you are doing this keto diet. This trick will make you have a strong support system. Being in keto diet needs long-term motivation, guys, so having a support system is essential and it’s a smart way to prevent yourself from giving up.

Plan your meal

Have you ever feeling like “oh I will cook whatever I have in my fridge”? Well, you cannot really do that in this keto diet, guys. Keto diet rule is simple but you need to adhere it with discipline. To prevent yourself from being confused on what to eat and end up on cooking hi-carb food, you gotta plan your meal. A weekly meal plan with 7 different breakfast, 7 different lunch, and 7 different dinner is fine. For the next week, you can re-use that meal plan instead of creating a new one. This trick allows you to avoid boredom, avoid cheating, avoid giving up, and save you a lot of time. Hey, did I mention it can save your money on groceries too?

Prepare simple meal

You don’t come to this diet for a complicated thing, eh? Keto diet doesn’t need to be hard and complicated, guys. There are so many keto recipes out there that are super simple. You can just put some pesto next to your scrambled egg for your breakfast or simple-cooked meat with a simple salad for your lunch.

Bring yourself a lunchbox to work

Eating at your office canteen or restaurant will tease you to taste the delicious hi-carb meals a.k.a quitting your keto diet. To prevent this terrible thing from happening, bring your own lunch to work. Remember you have a meal plan, you have prepared your simple plan, and now it’s time to bring your healthy lunch to work. Bon appetit!

Drink smoothies instead of soda

While it’s easier said than done, saying goodbye to soda and alcohol gives so much benefit for your health. Besides, smoothies are fun because you can mix many different foods every day to have beautiful colors. And the most important thing is, they are so delicious. There are tons of smoothies recipes on the internet you can try today.

Eat veggie pasta instead of regular noodles

In case you miss a spaghetti bolognese during your keto diet journey, you can replace the regular pasta with zoodles. Zoodles is noodle made of zucchini. Just put your zucchini inside your spiralizer and you can easily produce a healthy noodle. You can use it to make a keto spaghetti bolognese.

Use almond flour instead of the regular one

Just like pasta, there might be something else you’re gonna miss when you’re in keto diet. Cupcakes, for instance. Eating cakes that are made of regular flour will make you quit the ket diet. So if you want to bake a keto cake, you can use the almond flour to replace the regular flour. It tastes so good!

Try intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is basically an eating plan with a short period of ‘eating time’ during the whole day. It has so many benefits from burning the stored fat, reduce the “bad fat” levels, to avoiding you from metabolic disease. Some people might find it difficult if it isn’t done right. But here is the hack, guys.
Put the “eating time” during the afternoon [12 PM to 6 PM]. After the early dinner, enter the “no eating” hours. Of course, you can drink water as much as you need, but no soda, no alcohol, and no sweetness. When you sleep, it counts as fasting too because you don’t eat when you sleep haha.

Consume a lot of fiber and water on ketosis

So here is the goal of the keto diet: ketosis. Being ketosis means your body burn the fat as the source of energy. While the weight loss effect is so significant at this stage, the symptoms might be a little bothering sometimes. It might vary but usually, it includes fatigue and feeling of inconvenience. In some cases, the symptom might appear as constipation or diarrhea.
Whatever your symptoms feel like, your body needs a good amount of water. To make sure you’re not being dehydrated, drink a lot of water, but not too much [for example you can take 4 glasses more than your usual intake]. If you suffer from constipation, eat more fiber or get some fiber supplements. You may want to talk to your doctor about this.

Snack some awesome foods

Keto diet doesn’t mean you have no fun in life. Of course, you can do snacks too, but you need to make sure you eat the right thing. You can eat string cheese, avocado, walnut, or sunflower seeds. They are quick choices, easy to eat, and beneficial for health.

Interesting tricks are worth to try, eh? What do you think?


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