10 Money-Saving Tips Every Faithful Budgeter Should Know


Money is not everything but it’s hardly possible to live without money. That’s why we strive to get as much money as possible and struggle to spend as little as possible. And that’s also why many people are trying to find new innovations to save money. And here are some of the best finance hacks you really need to try for your life.

Bring around only a $100 or $50 paper cash

If you need to go out for a walk or refreshing with no intention of shop anything, bring with you a single paper cash that has big value. 1 single piece of $50 is more likely to stay longer in your wallet rather than 50 pieces of $1. By carrying a hard-to-break cash like $100 or $50 you will less likely to decide any purchase.

Practice a No-Spend Day once a month

Challenge yourself not to spend any single dollar for 24 hours. Brew your own coffee at home, bring a sandwich for lunch, bike to work and back home, cook your dinner with anything left in the fridge. You’ll be surprised how much you can actually save for one day. It’s a great and healthy way to save money, by the way.

Make a note for every expense you made

Taking a note is a golden key to successful budgeting. It will remind yourself how well or bad you treat your money. Attempt to make this financial note every night or every week to prevent you from missing any transaction. By knowing how much you spent yesterday, you will be more aware of your activities in the next day, especially the ones related to money.

If you really need to buy something, attempt to use coupons as much as possible

Coupons are made to indulge consumers with low price. But don’t get tricked into using it for something useless. Before you made any single purchase, ask yourself, do I really need this item? Would I still buy it if it weren’t on sale? If your clear mind says you do need it, then try to get a coupon from the internet or brochures.

Have a shopping list and stick to it faithfully

Now to help your mind keep cool and easy to make a decision, prepare a shopping list regularly. Plan your meal for the whole week so you can write a list of ingredients for the next seven days. Take a look at your entire house, is there any cleaning product you need to buy? Do you need any medicine to stock? Write them down diligently. When you go shopping, take this list and stick to it. Never try to cheat yourself. It’s for your own good, baby.

Avoid eating out

Whether it’s a fine dining restaurant, a casual dining restaurant, or even a fast food restaurant, eating out is absolutely expensive. Try to count it yourself, the simple ingredients served there are actually cheap but they sell it for a very high price.

Of course, they, do, because when you dine out, not only you buy the ingredients but also you pay for the place and the service and the brand. Yes, it’s the brand that makes it expensive. Do you swallow the brand? Do you digest the brand? Surely you don’t. So, why don’t you try to make the food your own?

Cooking is not that hard. You can always learn and practice.

Automate your bill pay

Bill happens. You cannot avoid it but you can reduce it. Besides attempting to spend as little as possible, you’d better automate your bill pay.

By automating your payment, your bill will be paid punctually so you can avoid late fees. Bills are expensive, don’t try to waste more money on it.

Shop your groceries online

Why drive to the retail store if you can sit in front of your laptop and make somebody send the groceries for you? Online shopping lets you check and recheck your bill before the final checkout, so if you think it’s too much you can cancel some items or replace with the cheaper options.

Online shopping is also time-saver because walking around the grocery store and waiting in the checkout line are time-sucking. Oh, did I mention it’s also effective to prevent you from any impulse shopping?

The 2-weeks challenge

The essential of saving money is only buying what you really need. But sometimes brochures are everywhere and boutiques are displaying pretty things to buy. Keep your mind clear. You are a tough and faithful budgeter.

Remember why you do this. So anytime you see something tempting in the store, give yourself to think about it for 2 weeks. The item will be still there in the store and you can let yourself sleep on it to think clearly. After your emotion gets steadier, you can wisely decide whether you still need to purchase that item or not.

The change jar challenge

Oh yeah! Another practical challenge that’ll give you a concrete result in front of you. Grab an empty jar in your house. Put this jar in an easy-to-access area so you can see it every day. Every time you have a coin change from your purchase, you must put it in your jar.

Keep filling this jar everyday with every single coin you have. Saving coins is always fun, especially when you fill the jar and you hear your new coin hitting other coins. This challenge is an easy way to build a saving beyond your bank.


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