How to Save Money When Budget is Super Tight

Who doesn’t need money today? In a century when everything feels expensive and every product looks captivating, it’s nearly impossible to live without money. That’s why everybody is trying to get as much money as possible and try to spend as little as possible.

Money is that important in life and everybody wants to save it. But sometimes the painful question pops up: how could someone save the money when the budget is tight? Below are the key answers.

Cancel your cable service

Subscribing your TV to cable service is an easy way to waste your money, especially if your family doesn’t watch TV that much and basically you’re not a TV person. So go cancel it right away. A happy life is way more than just a cable. my dear. There are so many fun things to do that will cheer your mind up.

Check the ultimate list of cheap and fun things here [SPOILER ALERT: whether you live alone or with a bunch of kids, you can find the perfect activities that suit you on the list]


Save the power

Electricity bills often come as a monthly money-sucker. So, how do you save money here?

It’s practically easy.

Only use the electricity when you really need it. If you want to read during the day, use the sunlight instead of turning off the lamp.

You may also want to check the watt of your lightbulbs or any other small electrical appliances. If the watt is too high, consider replacing it with the low one.

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Put as little as meat in your meal plan

Meat is expensive. Eating meat for three meals a day can suck your money a lot. So try to eat meatlessly for a while during the week. You can replace the protein with milk, eggs, or even tofu!


Avoid eating out

Eating out is a fancy habit that leads you to lose a lot of money. Choose to cook at home. If you never cook before, start practicing now. Get inspired by reading easy recipes. That’s what’s online cooking websites built for.


Use your library card wisely

So this hack would be so beneficial for every book and movie lovers. Buying paperback books or DVDs are sometimes expensive. They can add lots of clutter to your home too.

So instead of buying expensive DVDs or books, go to the nearby library that is well-stocked. Take advantage of your membership by borrowing amazing books and DVDs. This way, you are able to save so much money on entertainment.


Shop online

Shop in the retail store often allows you to pick more and more things beyond your shopping list. It also makes you unconscious about how much you’re actually spending until you get shocked by the number on the cashier screen.

So try to shop online, guys. It will let you check and recheck your spending before the real checkout so you can control your spending. Oh, you can save so much money on the gas bill too since you do not drive to the store.


Shop with coupons whenever possible

No, I am not recommending you to go to the store everytime you got new coupons.

What I mean by using coupon is, whenever and wherever you shop something, try to use your coupon or find free coupons from internet or brochure. Why pay full if you deserve a discount?

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Walk or bike whenever possible

Reach nearby locations on foot or by bike. Not only will it radically cut your gas bill, but it also makes you healthier by doing physical activity.


Rent special attire instead of purchasing it

Got special occasion on your calendar you’re going to attend? Do you need a special costume to wear on that day? If you don’t have that attire in your closet, rent it. Do not bother wasting your money on a fancy outfit.

Remember, purchasing fancy items could be dramatically waste your money. So try to rent the clothes instead of buying the new one. You don’t want to deprive your grocery bills by wasting money on a suit.


Stop indulging your kids with expensive toys

Instead of purchasing new expensive toys for your children, try to cheer them up with doing activities that are cheap and easy.

You can invite them to make DIY toys out of cardboard, print coloring pages you just downloaded from the internet, or teach them some practical science experiments.


These money saving hacks for tight budget are SUPER CLEVER! I am so happy I found these AMAZING money saving ideas. Now I know how to save on tight budget. Pinning! #money #moneysaving #save #savemoney #moneysavingtips #budget #tightbudget


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