10 of the Best Laundry Hacks You Really Wish You Knew Sooner


I have to admit that once I was pretty much in love with doing laundry. Getting myself busy with a tumble dryer machine was one of my favorite activities in the house. The first time I learned to use the machine, I was so overwhelmed and surprised because it can dry up the wet clothes to be really, really dry. It’s something like magic.

However, many things happened and life got a little more complicated with a pile of little problems. I failed to find the matching socks, I failed to remove the stain, and I got annoying wrinkles. I learned too that the amazing tumble-dryer machine could turn an XXL-sized sweater into the S-sized one. What a magic.

From that annoying moment on, I started to wish there are other magical things to fight back the annoyance produced by the laundry room.

Are there any of them? Of course! And guess what, I have just gathered them here so you can read it too! So check them out and get through the laundry routine without being frustrated. Let’s go!

Use A Lingerie Bag to Keep Your Socks (and Stuffed Animals) from Being Lost

Single sock sucks. And that’s why we need to prevent it from happening again!

So give yourself a lingerie bag or a mesh bag. Put all of the socks or stuffed animals inside the lingerie bag before throwing the bag to the washing machine.

After the wash, you can easily find all of the socks and stuffed animals. No more ‘looking for the needle in the haystack‘.

Use A Dry-Erase Marker to Remind Yourself about The Clothes That Can’t Go to The Dryer

Almost everytime we launder, there is something that is forbidden to enter the drying zone. But sometimes we forget it.

To avoid such thing happens, get yourself a dry-erase marker to write down the things that cannot go to the drying machine. You can write it on the top side of your washing machine so you can read it easily when you finished washing.

Use Aluminum Foil as An Alternative for Drying Sheets

Drying sheets do help us to get soft clothes and reduce the static charge. It’s a handy thing to have in the laundry room. But what if you’re out of this useful thing?

No problem. Go to your kitchen, cut an aluminum foil and build a ball with it.

Aluminum foil ball is a reusable drying sheet for as long as one month.

Remove the Stain with Hairspray or Hand Sanitizer

Well, hairspray is not only for your favorite hairstyle. It’s also useful to clean up the stain on your favorite T-shirt. So is the hand sanitizer. Hairspray and hand sanitizer contains a kind of alcohol which is perfect to clean the stain on your clothes.

Just apply evenly one of the products to the stain, rub it gently over the stains, and let it sit for ten minutes. After that, wash the clothes as usual. So easy, isn’t it?

Tie the Sneakers to Prevent Noisy Sound

If you dry a sneaker, you might be suffering from an annoying noise that comes from your laundry room. What’s that, a construction? Nope.

The noise comes from the clash between the sneaker with the machine (or with the other sneaker). To get rid of that bothering sound, just tie up the lace and trap them in the latch door.

This trick is so effective to reduce the possibility of banging sound to happen.

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Use Towel to Get Quicker Drying Process

Sometimes life gets so really busy that everything needs to be quick, even the laundry process.

If you need to get the clothes dry really quickly that you have no more than fifteen minutes to wait, use a towel. Put the clothes you want to dry into the drying machine and add one (or two!) pieces of dry towel.

The towel is a fantastic hack to reduce the moisture from the clothes so the drying process can run quicker. Only make sure your dry towel is clean.

Use Vinegar to Get your White Shirt Really White

Vinegar is an amazing liquid, especially as a cleaning product. Now you can use your vinegar to save your white shirt from bad (but routine) stains.

When I’m talking about the routine stain, I’m referring to the armpit stain and collar stain.

So soak your stained shirt in a bowl of warm water and vinegar. After that, apply some dishwashing liquid with hydrogen peroxide to the stained area. Rub it really well.

For a more amazing result, add some baking soda and scrub it to the stained area. Wash the shirt with cool water.

Use Ice Cube to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Wrinkles are annoying. And when someone sees it on your clothes, it becomes embarrassing. Greatly embarrassing.

How to get rid of it?

Get two or three clothes with wrinkles to the drying machine. Add some ice cubes. And start the drying process in the highest heat setting. [Remember not to put too many ice cubes.]

Get Back the Real Size of Your Shrank Clothes with Conditioner

Got a shrank cloth from the drying machine? There is a solution for it. Yes, I mean, a solution.

Mix 1 or 2 liters of lukewarm water with 2 tbsp of conditioner (any regular hair conditioner you have in your bathroom). Put your shrink clothes in the solution. Let it sit for thirty minutes.

You need the conditioner to make the fabric “Relaxed”, and when it’s relaxed it’s easier to stretch. So during the last ten minutes of soaking, you can gently stretch your dress.

After that, remove the excess water from the cloth and let the air dry it manually.

Avoid Tiring Ironing by Hanging Your Cotton Shirt

One of the biggest issues about preparing a shirt is removing the wrinkle. Oh, no, what if you didn’t have much time to iron it?

The secret to having fewer wrinkles is setting the drying machine to the higher heat (if it’s appropriate for your shirt).

You can do it in the afternoon or evening when you do the laundry. Right after the drying machine stops, quickly find that shirt and hang it right away!

Even if you need some iron, you only need to do it in one or two minutes to polish the fabric.

Important note: Remember to put the right type of shirt to dry with. You don’t want them to shrink.


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