10 Amazing Plants You Can Use as Mosquito Repellants


Mosquitoes are annoying. They come unexpectedly and bite your skin and suck your blood and then leave a swollen red skin as a thank note. Who do they think they are?

Now if you hate this bug and try to keep your family safe from this dangerous little animal, consider planting these mosquito repellant plants. NOTE: Only planting them in your garden might not make your garden mosquitoes-free. You need to utilize the fragrant aroma well.

Some of the plants can be harvested and dried to make fragrant spray, some of them can be directly applied to the skin.


Did you know that this amazing herb is actually mosquito repellant? Plant them in pots or make a row of rosemaries around your house. Besides letting them grow as a natural remedy, you can also pick them sometimes for your kitchen. Did I mention it’s pet-friendly too?


Mint, Peppermint, Green, Garden, Leaves, Plant, Tee

You might like enjoying the taste of the peppermint and benefit of peppermint for your health, but mosquitoes don’t. So, you might want to grow them in your garden and pick them when you need.

Bear in mind that peppermint plant can grow aggressively beyond your control so try to plant them in pots instead of ground.


Geranium has beautiful flowers which can be great addition to your garden.

Scented geranium has a citrus-like smell which is beneficial for repelling mosquitoes.


Marigold, Orange, Blossom, Flora, Colorful, Botanical

Combat the tiny vampires with this easy-to-grow plant. The distinctive smell is a little bit bothering, but it’s great to prevent mosquitoes coming over.

Citronella grass

Citronella grass has special oil which can be used for repelling mosquitoes.

Grab some of the leaves and rub it on you skin to get the mosquito-repelling effect.


Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm, Herbs, Herb Garden, Kitchen Herb, Food

Actually, lemon balm has better fragrance than citronella, but you need to crush it and apply to your body to use it as mosquito-repellant.

Lemon Thyme

It seems that mosquitoes hate the citrus smell. That’s why they hate citronella, lemon balm, and lemon thyme. To use this plant as a mosquito repellant, crush the leaves and apply it to your skin.


Well, only planting lavender plants around your garden might not make your garden mosquitoes free.

But you can use the harvested lavender to make some spray and use it to fight mosquitoes.

A backyard full of lavender will be absolutely mesmerizing!


Besides its fantastic quality to add deliciousness to your cuisine, basil is very effective to drive mosquitoes away.

Two of the best basils to fight mosquitos are cinnamon basil and lemon basil.


Nepeta Cataria, Catnip, Catmint, Nepeta, Cataria, Leaf

Catnip is pet’s friend but mosquito’s enemy.

This plant is very easy to grow so you can tell everybody about it and they can easily practice this trick.


These plants are AMAZING!! They can be used as natural mosquito repellents! These pretty plants can make the garden looks beautiful too! Now I have cool gardening ideas! #gardening #Garden #Gardeningtips #plants

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