10 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Cut Down Your Electricity Bills

One of the frustrating moments in a month is when you look up at your bill that rises up like a rocket. While there are many things that affect your monthly bills, there are silent troublemakers that you didn’t realize adding up a significant number. And one of the biggest troublemakers is probably your electricity bill.

Today I want to share genius tricks to reduce that insane number on your electricity bill. These tricks are so practical and effective. So let’s just check these awesome tips out!

Wash your clothes in cold water

Water that comes to your washing machine is at cool or room temperature by default. If you choose to wash at higher temperature, the machine needs to warm it up and that requires electrical energy, guys!

To lower your electrical energy usage in your laundry room, wash your clothes in cold water.

Air-dry your clothes

There is another trick to save money in your laundry room, and it’s called air-drying your clothes. If you have enough space in your laundry room and the season is warm you can practice this trick at least twice a week so you can reduce the bill.

Wash and dry your dishes manually

Instead of using the dishwasher that sucks so much energy, put yourself to wash your dishes manually and wipe them with a clean cloth to absorb the remaining water. After that, you can dry-air the dishes.

Charge your phone in airplane mode

Did you know? You can charge your phone faster when it’s in airplane mode. That way, you can save charging time and plug off your charger sooner.

Function your curtain

If you got any curtain [and window] in your house, you gotta optimize the function, guys! Open it to get sunlight instead of turning on the light during the day.

Turn off the lights!

Sorry, guys, but I can’t let you miss this super simple everyday tips. Walk around your house and turn off the lights that are not needed. This simple trick is often ignored and ignoring this trick every day can cause your bill to go crazy.

Get your house some dimmer switches

So the lamp itself is a genius invention, but there is another super clever invention to use it; the dimmer switch. By installing a dimmer switch, you can adjust the brightness of your lightbulb as you like.

By dimming your lightbulb you can reduce the energy and eventually save your money.

Use ceiling fan instead of the air conditioner

Not only does the AC suck your money in the purchase, but it also bulks up your monthly bill because it demands a big energy to operate. So, whenever you need a cool air, choose the ceiling fan instead of the AC.

Use the LED lamps

Another technology to save the energy. Comparing to the regular incandescent bulbs [that probably are still installed in the rooms of your house], LED lamps only use approximately 90% less energy. Whoa! How crazy is that?

So go change your bulbs to LED today. If you feel the price doesn’t fit your condition today, you can replace one of your bulbs today and the other bulbs next month so it doesn’t appear as another shocking bill.

Invest in solar panel

Look at Scandinavian houses! How efficient those countries are when it comes to energy.

They got a lot of solar panels. And I mean A LOT.

Often I saw buildings with tens of solar panels on its roof.

Using solar energy for your house is able to cut down your electrical bill to a half or even to a third! And that is actually a genius hack to save your money on electrical bills, not only for next months but for so many years later!


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