11 Organization Hacks for Tiny Bedroom #organization

11+ Genius Organization Hacks for Tiny Bedroom


Organizing a small bedroom is tricky. You gotta optimize every idle space but you also need to think about convenience. So, how do you know which trick is the best?

Just check this list below because I’ve just gathered for you 11+ AMAZING organization hacks for a small bedroom.

By applying these practical hacks you would be able to make any small-sized bedroom feels way bigger without expanding the home building.

Maximize the space in the corner by installing floating shelves

Organizing your bedroom isn't as hard as it seems. These 8 bedroom organization hacks will help you get the job done. Pinning for later!

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Craft one or 2 DIY floating shelves and install them in the corner of your room. These made-up spaces can be used to organize your books, decorations, or even makeup products.


Use a cart with multiple spaces as a bedside table

Use a mobile cart instead of a nightstand to maximize space in a tiny bedroom.

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Instead of using the traditional bedside table, you can use a rack that has lots of vertical space.


Use a bedside caddy

So if you hate stretching your arm too far away from your bed, you can use a bedside caddy instead of a bedside table. Keep your favorite items close to you at night.

You can easily get it here.


Use a shower caddy

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By installing a shower caddy in your bedroom, you can have more space for organization.


Invest in double duty furniture

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via Amazon

Ooh, I love smart furniture, especially the ones with storage space.

If you’re thinking about refurnishing your bedroom, always choose the furniture that is able to accomplish more than a job.

Pick a nightstand with drawers or a chair with storage, for instance.


Install a pegboard over your desk

install a pegboard on your bedroom wall to provide a quick storage solution for the small things in your home.

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It’s a smart tool to convert a plain wall to be an organizing space. You can pin nearly every small thing to the pegboard and grab them easily when you need them.


Install a drawer under your bed

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When I was a teenager, I stored a lot of things under my bed. I found it’s an easy and effective way to optimize the space.

If you love this idea, you can also install some cheap baskets and put them under your bed. (make sure your basket height fits the space under your bed.)

Prefer something fancy? You can invest in an ergonomic bed frame that looks elegant and easy to use.


Or you can just put your mattress above a DIY closet

via Edmund Designs

The design is more suitable for kids, but why not improvising to make a larger storage and put a larger mattress for you? This hack is perfect if you love arranging your bed next to the wall [instead of in the center of the room].


Organize your extra bedsheets under your mattress

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via One Good Thing by Jilee

Fold each of your sheets into the same width and length of your mattress. After that, stack them all really tidily. You wanna make sure that the bed surface stays “flat”.

Install floating shelves over your bed

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You can use these shelves to arrange your favorite home decor, clock, and other light-weighted items.


Use a pegboard next to your bed


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Maximize the space you have on the wall beside your bed by installing a pegboard. The larger the pegboard, the more space you’ll likely to have for organizing.


Save your closet space by using S-type hangers

Ah, I love ergonomic tools so I should put this genius hanger in this list.

By using this smart hanger you can save loads of space in your closet because you can stack 5 pants in one hanger.

You can easily get it here.


Organize your drawer using dividers


Instead of throwing your items together in a drawer, try to divide them accordingly.

You can easily get it here.


Fold your clothes vertically to add more space

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It’s super effective to “add more space” in your closet because this trick allows you to put more items rather than the traditional folding system.

Have you tried all of those hacks above?

Now jump to your beloved bed like this little mermaid.

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You deserve a good sleep tonight!



These small bedroom organization ideas are SUPER CLEVER! I'm so happy that these organizing tips do exist in this world! Now I know some creative storage hacks  to organize my small bedroom! Pinning! #organizing #organizingtips



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