11 Steps to Spring Cleaning Your Living Room This Year


Oh, finally, the cold winter fades away.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the spring season of the year!

Spring is a fresh joy. The weather is gradually warmer and the trees begin to be green. The slippery road is gone. And the beautiful blossoms shines everywhere.

So lovely!

But, hey, what about the house?!

After months of cold temperature, you weren’t able to clean it well. Winter is too cold. It freezes many things in our daily life, including cleaning. The result is, after winter, we got a stockpile of dirt and the frozen bad germs are ready to make trouble.

Super disgusting.

Therefore, we need to clean our house as meticulous as possible when the spring comes.

There is a lot of room in the house, and today we’re going to talk about spring cleaning the living room.

The living room is a super cozy place and people sit there during the winter with snacks or chocolate. So don’t be surprised if you find so many crumbs or stains there.


Living Room Spring Cleaning Steps by Steps:

Declutter the Living Room

The mess is frustrating, and surely it’s bothering. Not only will it bother your eyes but it is able to slow down your cleaning process too. So put the mess away. Here are the main zones to declutter:

  • The bookshelves
  • The storage baskets and bins
  • The side table
  • The coffee table
  • The built-in shelving


Dust the Ceiling and the Walls

Well, it’s a tricky part.

Ceiling and walls, including the corners, are keeping dust and dirt too. But you need to be careful to clean them up.

Don’t bother using a ladder or chair. It’s risky. Instead, get your self a long-handled duster and attach a microfiber cloth.

Microfiber cloth is famously known as an awesome absorber. It’s a cheap, safe, and smart way to clean your ceiling and walls.


Dust the Ceiling Fans 

So, there is something dirty attached to your ceiling but you don’t feel like spreading any mess and ending up having a cough? You can now use your old pillowcase to clean your fan blade.

Just cover a fan blade with the pillowcase and press it when you pull it. The dust and dirt are trapped inside the pillowcase and you don’t even need to see them fall on your living room floor.


Clean The Wall Arts and Photographs

If you have a special passion for art, you might have one or more frames hang on your walls.

They need to be cleaned too. A wall art or photo frame usually consists of several parts and each part needs to be cleaned in particular ways.

Try to identify what are they and begin cleaning the materials carefully.

Clean Your Curtain and Drapes

Check the label of your curtain. If it’s washing-machine friendly, go to the laundry room and wash it there.

If you got a thick or large curtain, try to wash it individually (not to mix with other curtains).

If there is no washing instruction in the label, just wash it in the washer with cold water and gentle detergent.

To clean drapes, you can use a steam machine. But you need to make sure that your steamer has an upholstery attachment.

Clean Your Blind and Windows

Cleaning the Blind

Unless your blind is made of wood, you can use a vinegar and an old sock to clean it. Prepare a bowl of vinegar, put your hand inside the sock, and dip the sock into the vinegar (just a little touch). Start wiping the blind with it.

However, if you got a wooden blind, the sock and vinegar trick might not be the best to try since excess moisture is very bad for wooden material. So, to clean a wooden blind, you can use your vacuumer and simply dust it.


Cleaning the Window

Well, you need to grab several things like a bucket (or a cleaning bowl), a squeegee, something to mop, scraper, and detergent. Cleaning window consists of making it free from dirt and making it shiny.

You need to make sure you’ve done the first thing really well so you can proceed to the second thing.

Clean The Couch, Chairs, and Tables

Couch Cleaning

Wow, you can now clean your couch with a baking soda and a vacuumer. Just sprinkle some baking soda on your couch, let it sit for few minutes, and vacuum it. You can even do it for a microfiber couch.

Wooden Chairs and Tables Cleaning

There is a tricky part to clean wooden furniture. Wood materials are sensitive to water. So if you want to clean it with anything wet, make sure you don’t soak it.

The easiest way to clean wooden furniture is using dish detergent and a little water. Remember not to include too much water in the mixture. You only need some drops of water.

The other way is using a commercial wood cleaner. Do what the instructions say. The process needs to be repeated.


Dust the Lamps and other Electronic Appliances

Lampshade dusting: use a lint roller and roll it over the shade. The sticky feature of the lint roller is able to ‘absorb’ the dust and dirt.

TV screens, tablets, phone, and other screen dusting: use a coffee filter to wipe it gently. It’s so effective to make it lint-free and shiny!

Dust the Book and the Bookshelves

Here is how to take care of bookshelves and the books:

  • Empty the bookshelves
  • Wipe the bookshelves with a microfiber cloth
  • Clean the book individually (using hand-held vacuumer is practical)
  • Organize the books alphabetically or in a special order that your family is familiar with
  • Put back the book on the shelf

Clean Your Carpet

There are several options to clean your carpet, namely:

  • Clean with white vinegar and club soda. Just blot a stained area with the soda. Add a mixture of vinegar and water if the stain refuses to vanish and soak up the stain with a sponge.
  • Clean with powder. Similar to couch cleaning, you can dry sprinkle some baking soda to the stained area and vacuum it after thirty minutes.
  • Clean with shampoo. You can choose one of your favorite carpet shampoo from the store. Follow the instructions written in the product package.
  • Clean with a steamer. After vacuuming your carpet, use your steam cleaner. Start from the corner of the carpet.
  • Clean with the organic thing. Now if you are a fan of organic things, you can try to use salt to get away from a fresh stain.

Clean Your Doormat

Three steps to get your doormat very clean :

  • Vacuum it to remove the dry and light dirt.
  • Beat it hard to a hard surface i.e. your outer garage door. Don’t beat it against a clean wall because you don’t want to leave a big dirty mess there.
  • Wash it with jet washers.

P.S. You can try beat it first then vacuum it so you can eliminate a big mass of dirt first and prevent your vacuumer from overworking.

Clean the Floor, including the area under your couch

Oh yeah, the last step yet the most important part. Cleaning the floor.

After cleaning everything above the ground, now you need to make sure you don’t leave any mess under your feet. Go grab your vacuumer and mop to clean it up.

Remember not to use the right method and cleaning product for your particular kind of floor.


So, are you ready to get your living room sparkly clean again?

Happy cleaning!

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