14 Packing Hacks Every Traveller Should Know

While traveling is fun and refreshing, we have to face one busy moment when we deal with packing. Some of you might have been facing a hard time when you have put everything inside the baggage but when you were about to close it, you failed, because it was too bulky. Or some of you might have experienced a frustrating moment when your hat was crushed or when your necklace was impossible to untangle. 

Luckily, there are packing hacks in this world you can try for your next travel! So check them out and let me know what you think!


Plan Your Outfits for Each Day

Admit it, how many times you came home from traveling with clean and unused clothes? That’s probably because you didn’t really plan your outfits. Planning what you’ll wear for every day of your travel is helpful for you to determine what do you really need to bring. It will help you to  reduce bulks and unnecessary things. 


Put your necklace inside the straw to save them from being tangled

Delicate necklace is easy to get tangled, and surely it’s frustrating. To prevent such thing happens, grab a straw and insert your necklace inside it. After that, put together the edges of the necklaces so it can’t escape from the straw.


Roll your clothes instead of folding them. It's definitely a space-saving trick.

Oh, yeah, this is a very famous hack. In case you haven’t heard about it, rolling clothes is very useful to save space of your baggage. Try yourself for your next travel and see how much you can actually save the space!


Avoid Wrinkle with Dry-Cleaning Bag

Now if you must bring something that wrinkles easily, rolling them might not be the best choice. Get yourself a dry-cleaning bag. Put that cloth flatly inside the bag, and fold it like usual. The plastic between the fold will help you to avoid creases.


Keep the Good Shape of your Hat by Filling them Up with Undergarments

If you leave a cold place for a tropical island, you might need to bring a hat. But hey, a hat is tricky to pack, it could be crushed easily and get lost in shape. To keep your hat shape beautifully, put undergarments or socks inside the crown of your hat. It’s space-saving too! Remember not to put sarongs or outer garment inside your hat because it might get them wrinkles.


Optimize space by stuffing your shoes with socks

Need to put shoes in your baggage but worrying about the bulk? Try to put socks or small things in your shoes. It will optimize the space you have in your baggage.


Ladies, stack your bras together on top of each other

Stack your bras together and fill the cup of your bra with underwear. It’s space saving and helping your bras to keep in shape.


Use Your Clothes to Protect Breakable Things

If you need to bring a bottle of perfume or any other breakable things, try to cover them with your clothes. You can use socks or winter hat because it’s soft and thick.


Use Old Contact Case to Pack Your Beauty Products Practically

If you only travel for three days or so, you don’t want to bulk up your baggage with heavy bottles of beauty products. Try to utilize your old (and clean!} contact case. Pour a little product into the case for your usage during the short travel days. It’s applicable for liquid products such as lotion or conditioner.


Or Use A Plastic Bag to Prevent Your Beauty Products to Ruin Everything on Your Baggage

Now if you don’t feel like traveling minimally and insist to bring all of the bottles of your beauty products, there is a possibility for the bottles to accidentally open and the product spill out messily inside your baggage. There is a trick to prevent this from happening. Cut a plastic [approximately 10×10 cm]. Take the lid of the product off and lay the plastic to cover the product. You can put two layers of plastic for extra security. Then, secure the lid back on after the plastic.


Use Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are practical to organize your belongings by category. Packing cubes make your baggage tidier and unpacking feels easier.


Wear Your Heavy Coat Instead of Packing It

Coats are bulky. But oh, how could you not bring it if you leave for a cold place? Now there is a win-win solution for it. You can bring your coat without adding a bulk into your baggage. Just wear your coat when you’re about to board. It reduces a lot of bulk. You can always take off the coat when you’re on board and place it beside your carry-on.


Bring A Little Amount of Detergent

The essential of light packing is bring as few clothes as possible. Wear the same outfit more than one day. Of course you always need to wear the clean clothes, but you can launder them in the end of the day and wear them [again] for the next day or the day after tomorrow. If you’re really so fashionable and afraid to get caught in the same outfit, you can apply this trick for underwear. Bring a little amount of detergent in a plastic bag and wash your clothes in the hotel bathtub or sink.


Bring A Laundry Bag

Now if you don’t feel like doing laundry while on holiday, there might be a battle of the clean VS the dirty clothes inside your baggage. How to separate them? Putting them directly side by side? Naw! It’s gross and threats your clean clothes to get smelly. So try to get yourself a laundry bag, even if it’s just a simple plastic bag. Put your dirty clothes together in that bag and save your clean clothes from the dirty ones.


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