4 Ways to Turn Your Perfectionism Into Money


A perfectionist is someone who sets a very high standard of life and strives to get everything done perfectly, without any fault. No flaw permitted.

Since a perfectionist wants everything to be perfect and has very sharp eyes of every little flaw, they usually criticize A LOT. Either they shout it loud or murmuring it inside their heart, their critics are usually very detailed. They sometimes complain about the things someone else didn’t see. They are master of critics.

If you are a perfectionist, you are able to use your critic skill to make money. Utilize your thoughts and words to help someone else building or choosing the better things. There are many ways to do that and here are some of them:

Book Reviewing

If you love (and I mean deeply love) reading books, then this way might be perfect for you. Authors need to hear advice and critics to help them improve their writing. Hence, book reviewing is beneficial for the readers and the authors. As a reader, you can gain financial benefits to review books. Here are several websites you can visit :

If you love helping out new authors to improve their writing, then here is where you need to go. The pay rate varies depending on the book and the reviewer’s experience.

This site does a routine post for book titles. A reviewer could choose a book they are interested to review and the website will decide if he/she is eligible to review. After a reviewer receives an assignment, they need to complete it within two or three weeks. The payment is monthly.

This is where honest and objective reviews get paid. You need to sign up as a reviewer and once you are accepted, the website will send you assignments (a title of the bookThe pay rate varies according to the length of the book.

Website Reviewing

One of the golden keys to a successful website is the friendly user experience. It means that the website must be built in a way that every user who visits the website can operate it easily and happily. The look and the function of a website are something very important to attract visitors.

That’s why the website needs to be tested. Today you can make money by reviewing websites. Of course, you need to apply and be accepted as a reviewer that you can start criticizing, advising, and try to make some money. There are several options to choose.

Quite a popular site for website-testing. To apply, you need to have a Paypal account and submit your email address. You also need to take a sample test before start receiving assignments.

Each study requires around 30 minutes of Skype call. After a study is completed, the reviewer will get paid via Paypal after 5-10 days.

Just like other sites, you need to sign up and get accepted to start reviewing. Once you are approved to be a reviewer, you will receive an assignment to complete. The site pays via Paypal.

In this site, you could earn around $25 for a 30-minute talk via phone and share your screen with the moderator.

Now if you want to help new companies to improve their websites, you can visit this site. After completing each task you could earn around 5 bucks.

Apps Reviewing

Just like a website, software or apps does need to be tested and get improved time by time. It is the way to keep users and attract new users. If you want to help companies improving their apps or software, you can go to SoftwareJudge.

You need to review honestly even if you think the app is disappointing. Your review must be exceptionally good, detailed and thorough. So, use your perfectionism skill.

Product Reviewing

Companies need to grow every day. They need to improve their products. The problem is, they don’t always know which part of their product should be fixed and they sometimes don’t realize if they did any faults on it.

So here is where your critics would give a lot of benefits. Make money by giving reviews to the companies. And today, you can do it online. I found a couple of good sites about it:

After you made a review on this site, you need to wait for people to vote your review. A vote normally pays 10 cents and once you reached $5 you can redeem your payment. Hence, you really need to write a detailed, thorough, helpful, and exceptionally good review here. The site pays via Paypal.

In this site, you can earn money by reviewing the products listed on the site. You need to write exceptional quality of review because the payment of a review is depending on how much traffic it generates.

The perfectionists are the best criticizers. Only remember to control your emotion so you are able to think very clearly. Hit the nail on the head and always practice constructive critics.

Thank you for reading my post and don’t forget to be awesome!


These money making ideas are so CREATIVE! Being a perfectionist is not always bad. In fact, if you use it wisely you can use your helpful personality to make the world a better place. So take a look at these job ideas that are perfect for people who embraces perfectionism.

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