Oopss! Sorry!

Hi, guys!

Sorry to let you down but I have decided that some posts are no longer available for public.

I have suffered from anxiety and I decided to make a significant change in my blog. 

It hurts me actually but I feel a little bit relieved after doing the change.

Now if you’re here you’re probably from Pinterest and have saved my pin. 

Well, thank you soooo much!

But here’s the thing:

Although I have make the post unaccessible for most people, the pins have been spread so widely on Pinterest and although I have deleted a lot of pins some people still have it on their board.

I don’t know how many people have saved it and I don’t know how many people should see this page.

If you have time please delete the very pin that leads you here so less people would be saved from this disappointment.

I am very sorry.

However, you can still explore other part of my blog.

(Thank you for staying and thank you for your understanding!)