50 Seriously Cheap and Fun Things You Must Try This Weekend

The weekend is the days when you finally have time to take a long rest after days of hard work. This is the days where we want to have fun all the day. We tend to splurge on the weekend to cheer up ourselves. But did you realize? Indulging yourself [and family] on the weekend by spending so much money could make your bill goes crazy. Try to calculate how much you cost for a weekend. Imagine how much money you can save if you don’t do those things. Wouldn’t it be delightful for your finance?

That’s why today I want to share you a long list of cheap things you can do on the weekend. These are easy and fun things so you can save your money and still have a great weekend. So check them out and please let me know which one is your favorite.

In the morning

1-Ride a bike around the neighborhood

2-Go to the library to check out books, DVDs, or even video games



5-Try new hair-dos

6-Try to mix your clothes into different combinations to make new outfits

7-Try different recipes so you have new ideas for dinners in the next week

8-Learn how to make dimsum until you master it

9-Practice yoga

10-Write all of your dreams in life and post it to the wall of your room

11-Call your family [dad, mom, sister, brother] and tell them you love them


In the afternoon

12-Visit free art gallery or museums

13-Have a picnic in the park

14-Go to the beach

15-Walk around your neighborhood [perfect for spring or fall season!]

16-Take online surveys [find the companies who pay you to do that!]

17-Plant vegetables in pots/ your garden

18-Volunteer to take care a cute animal

19-Pamper your body with a homemade scrub or facial mask

20-Read wonderful books all the day

21-Do some crafts, like origami, knitting, or sewing

22-Learn new languages

23-Watch TED Talks

24-Listen to inspiring podcasts

25-Make hula hoop competition for your family or close friends

26-Find 100 freebies from the internet and download them

27-Plan for something you’d never had any time to plan before

28-Learn how to repair your car or at least how to change the oil

29-Plant a tree or your favorite flower in your backyard

30-Mix few drops of dish soap with a cup of water and invite your kids to blow the bubbles in the backyard

31-Plan your next vacation in detail

32-Write a letter to your best friends [with real paper, not emails]

33-Explore your favorite blogs

34-Find free courses on the internet and join them

35-In the winter, play a snowball fight

36-If your region has a ‘summer card’ for public transportation, take a train to other cities for a cheap picnic. A summer card I meant is a card that you need to buy for a fixed price [cheaply] and you are allowed to travel with the public transportation freely during until the summer nearly ends. If your state doesn’t have this policy, check if they have a similar deal.

37-Create a colorful paint battle with your family or friends. All you need is a non-toxic paint and some water blaster super water guns

38-Start a blog [or learn how to]

39-If you are a crafty person, start an Etsy shop

40-Write a letter for your future children and grandchildren

In the evening

41-Write a book or story

42-Write poetry


44-Camp in your backyard

45-Watch your favorite movies in a marathon

46-Create a homemade romantic dinner

47-Build a bonfire with your family at the beach

48-Find fireworks show in your region during the summer

49-Rent or borrow a movie projector to host an outdoor movie night in your backyard. You can use the exterior wall of your house as the screen.

50-Count and write 100 things you are grateful for today


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