The 6 Fears of Blogging that Haunt Beginners (And How to Overcome Them)


I am a dinosaur when it comes to the world of technology. I don’t know what is the new thing appears in the Android world and until today I haven’t ever touched an iPad or iPod. Most of the time my friends laugh at me when I ask a question about gadgets.

I really am not a tech-savvy person. But I successfully established this blog.

Magical? Not really.

A long time ago I was living in fear. And on a point of time, I feel like, no I can’t be a blogger. I feared to fail. I feared to waste any of my precious time anymore. I feared of wasting any of my money anymore. I feared if many people would not like my blog. I feared of doing the technical things.

But you know what?

I chose to face the fear.

And I succeed.

And I learned a lot from it.

I learned that the only way to overcome the fear is to face it. All of my fear was only fooling me away and stop me to achieve my dream.

Fear Number 1

I’m not a tech-savvy person. How could I even start a  blog?

I hear you, guys! When I built this blog, I was not a tech-savvy person too. When I was about to create this blog, I didn’t know about coding and I felt so confused! But I proceed to this blogging world. And guess what? I did it. Not because I magically become a programmer, but because there is an ultimate way to build a blog without doing any coding AT ALL.

I think technology has grown so high that not only the reader who is pleased to see the screen, but so is the person who builds the blog. We are not living in 1990-era anymore, my dear. Now everybody can enjoy the ease of technology without letting their hands dirty.

You really are able to build a blog without any coding skill in a cheap and quick way (under 15 minutes!). Here is the tutorial.


Fear Number 2

I cannot write so well, how could I produce a post?

You feel you’re not an expert writer? So what?! Neither am I. That’s why motivational words like ‘practice makes perfect’ was created.

So practice, practice, practice. I have observed famous blogs. Did you know what I found out there?

I found that most of their first posts don’t look very well, and there is a big difference between their first posts to their hundredth posts. So finally they are able to look professional after practicing a lot.

You don’t always need a hundred post to pass that ‘practicing process’. But the more you practice the more you know your writing skill and which part to improve.

Everybody learns differently. Some bloggers achieve greatness in their hundredth post, some of them in their tenth posts, and who knows, maybe you learn so fast and you can do a great thing in your fifth post? Don’t be afraid to learn, my friend.


Fear Number 3

Fear of Being ‘Known’

Are you an introvert who fear to get famous?

I am an introvert person, dear, I really am. I really want to keep my private life private. I don’t want to share it with anyone. So I too did feel the fear.

But how could I share things with people without exposing my soul?

My friend, when there is a will, THERE is a way.

Building a blog doesn’t always require you to speak out your personal information. If you are too shy to share your photo, then you can use another pic that doesn’t show your face.. Use a picture of something you love or you can use cartoon avatar of yourself (many bloggers do that!)


Fear Number 4

I don’t know where to start

Everybody starts somewhere, honey. We don’t always jump from the same stepping stone. Some people have started it a long time ago. Some people just establish their blog last month. Some people create their blog between their super busy days, some people do on their holiday.

I have been reading lots of blogs before deciding yes, I could do this too!

It took me a long, long time to make that the decision. I can’t remember how long it was, it was really too long. And I regret that I’ve wasted so much time.

Anyway, I decided to come to this blogging world. I passed a lot of experiment until I find the best place for me to blog.

Maybe you feel the doubt to start because you don’t know where to start. Let me say, you have to do experiment, baby. What works for other blogger doesn’t always work for you. And being different doesn’t make you strange, it makes you unique. So don’t be afraid to start anywhere you are stepping right now.

Fear Number 5

What if nobody likes my blog?

Bloggers blog about something. And professional bloggers blog about something they really passionate about. You have something you are passionate about, right? Then you could blog about it.

No matter how rare and unique your topic is, everything good in this world can inspire. If you’re still not finding any of your friend who likes your blog, you can join a community in facebook group or Pinterest board about something you like. There are billions of people in this world, maybe you can find loyal readers from another part of the world.


Fear Number 6

What if I get stuck?

Maybe you’re afraid to start a blog because you are not sure how long the way you must go and what to do in every single mile. Maybe you’re afraid to get stuck somewhere in the road.

Well, that’s why you need a plan.

Every great action in this world needs a plan. So get yourself a piece of paper and pen. Write your best goal. Examine what other bloggers do to reach theirs. Adapt their strategies. Get yourself an ultimate action plan. And work on it. Every single day.

If someday you get stuck, read on your plan.

And if someday you feel like giving up, read your goal. Remember why you started.

We all have fear of something, my friend. But we cannot let the fear of a good thing to stop us from doing it. I did have a fear of blogging. But I chose to face it and it was one of the best decisions in my life.


So, what are you waiting for?

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