7 Seriously Genius Books That’ll Power Up Your Productivity

We want to be productive, all of us. We want to bring the best value to our life. We are here in this world for a reason and when we leave this world, we want to remember our life as a meaningful journey. That’s why we must be productive, and really productive.

But being productive is not always easy. Many of us trying some methods but keep failing over again. What are the secrets to power up productivity? Here are 7 of the best books to read this month so you can master productivity and have an amazing life.

Live The Best Story of Your Life

A research-based book for you who wants to live the best story of your life.

Bob, the author, writes a lot of lessons in this book. He inspires us with the result of thousand-hours research and his life experiences. This book shows us how to learn from past and discover our inner greatness to face the future. Such an epic motivating book.

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Let Me Out: Unlock Your Creative Mind and Bring Your Ideas to Life

This book in a word: MASTERPIECE

This book in a paragraph:

Simple but powerful ideas written in a humorous and enjoyable way. The author inspires us the way to be productive and creative with effective and actionable steps. Every lesson is written wonderfully. If you need a motivating, courage-boosting, and eye-opening book but you hate boring lesson, then this book is perfect for you.

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The Miracle Morning: The Not-So Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life

Struggle to be a morning person? Hey, you need to check this out.

Guys, Hal Elrod has a fantastic book to help you become a morning person. This book has helped lots of people to change their life. It contains practical tips to implement so you can start doing it right away after you read the book.

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The Time Chunking Method: A 10- Step Action Plan for Increasing Your Productivity

A life-changing method of gaining productivity called Time-Chunking Method is clearly explained in this book. Now if you want to make your day highly productive without losing your time to have fun, you definitely need to read this book. An awesome strategy of time-management.

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Insane Productivity for Lazy People

HURRAY! Now everybody can learn how to be productive, even the lazy people [like me]! Andrii Sedniev is an amazing author who wrote this book according to ten years of experiment and research. WOW, that’s a long journey of study! No wonder the result is so applicable and highly effective.

Summon all my ambitious but not-so diligent friends! There is a genius book for us!

You can easily grab it here, buddy!

To-do List Formula: A Stress-Free Guide to Creating To-Do List That Work

Why did some people fail in practicing to-do-list? Why did some people try to plan their tasks done but ending up in failure instead?

Damon Zahariades, the author explains it in this book. He helps you not to do such futility by explaining the easy ways and how exactly you can utilize your to-do list as a powerful productivity tool. Many things can be learned from this super affordable book. And I highly recommend it for you who wants to have a productive life.

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Smarter, Faster, Better: The Transformative Power of Real Productivity

So, are you really productive or just busy?

Very often we are feeling so stressed out and frustrated by the jobs and technologies around us, but do they really make us productive? Have you been really controlling them as the master or have you been played by them all this time? Take control of your life and become the real productive person.

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Productivity matters a lot in this life. All of those books above are eye-opening and game-changing. Those books will definitely help you to be a master of productivity. Now, let me know which one is your favorite and don’t forget to leave a comment below.

Happy reading!


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Genius Books You Should Read to Boost Up Your Productivity #productivity #books #bookstoread amazing books to read , inspiration, recommended books to read, good books to read, books to read for business person


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