Super Easy Food Hacks that’ll Actually Save You So Much Money

Budgeting consists of many aspects. One of our primary needs that we should fulfill every day is food. Well, I mean, food and drink. Saving money on food could be tricky, but its worth to try. So, how to eat and drink well without getting broke? Here are the secrets :

Prolong your ice cream life by keeping it in a Ziploc before you put it in the freezer

Admit it, how many times have you thrown away your ice cream just because it got hard to spoon? Remember, wasted ice cream means wasted money, too. To prevent such things from happening [again], put the pack of your ice cream inside a Ziploc. Remember, the ice cream needs to be in its container and then you put the container into the Ziploc. After that store it in your freezer. This trick is so effective to keep the ice cream soft and easy to serve.

Brew your own coffee

If you are a coffee lover but also a diligent budgeter, consider investing a coffee machine or simple brewer equipment at home. There are even espresso coffee makers available for very affordable prices. Or if you don’t mind sacrificing a little delicacy of your caffeinated drink, you can buy instant coffee ground at the grocery store and brew it with hot water.

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Maximize the value of your almost-expired milk

Next time you realize the milk in your fridge is about to expire, think about something beneficial instead of throwing it away. Use these smart tricks to maximize its value:

  • make cereal-and-milk your next meal no matter if it will be a dinner or lunch or breakfast
  • use the milk it to make cream soup [instead of using expensive cream]
  • freeze the milk to make ice cubes. just before you put the milk in the freezer, sprinkle some crushed cookies. in the next morning, put the milk cubes inside your coffee for the best homemade iced coffee you ever tasted.

Shred your own carrot

Carrots at store become expensive after being shredded. So why don’t you consider to shred your own at home? It doesn’t consume that much time after you’re getting used to it. Well, practice makes perfect.

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Cook dried beans instead of the canned ones

Canned beans contain a lot more calories than the dried one. And surely canned beans are way more expensive! This trick will only ask you for a very little more time for your preparation process in the kitchen.

Buy frozen berries instead of the fresh ones

If you love smoothies, you need to consider the price of your fruit without sacrificing the nutrition. For fancy fruits like berries, it’s cheaper to buy them frozen rather than fresh. The frozen ones will last longer too, so you can save more pennies.

Divide and freeze your meats for two or three days

If you have 800 grams of ground beef, and only need 200 grams for today, you need to treat the other 600 grams very well. If you don’t, it might end up being smelly and ugly and not anymore edible. That means you just wasted another money. So, try to divide your meats right after you open it. You can divide it into plastics and make mini portions. This trick is very useful especially if you live alone. It will prevent you from wasting both raw meat and the cooked ones.

Dine in a culinary academy

Cooking at home is one of the easiest ways to keep your food budget under control. But does tight budget mean you cannot dine out and have fun at all? There is a secret about it. You can still enjoy a highly delicious cuisine for a reasonable price in some major culinary schools. One of the best culinary schools that have such restaurant is The Culinary Institute of America.

Produce your own vegetables

If you’re lucky enough to have your own yard, you can optimize its function to produce some foods. Of course, it’s very hard to produce wheat flour on your own. But you can always try to grow carrots, tomatoes, or even potato. Besides saving your money, producing your own vegetables will let you eat your own vegetables with so much better taste than the ones you bought on the store.

Ask for a doggie bag even if you have no dogs or pets

If you tend to eat less than the regular portion, chances are you often leave a big amount of food on your plate when you eat out. So why not bring home those precious leftovers? You can politely ask the waitress to give you a doggie bag. At home, reheat the leftovers for your next meal in the microwave or pan. Precious pennies saved!



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