How To Make Your Shoes Smell Good


Stinky shoes are a major trouble. It’s a big embarrassment and it gives you a huge inconvenience. Both of them sucks already. But there is one thing you need to concern the most: your health.

Yes, your health. Since a bad smell often caused by the multiplication of bacteria [urgh, gross!] bad shoes can threat your health, too! Especially your feet health.

Alright, have you been disgusted enough imagining the microscopic picture inside your shoes? Because I am gonna start with the first trick to fight the bad smell of your shoes. Shall we?

#1 Put dry teabag inside your shoes to eliminate the bad smell

Alright, this first trick is too easy to practice, isn’t it?

Whether you drink your tea every single evening or only once a week, make sure you don’t directly throw away your teabag without additional usage.

After you make your tea, let the tea bag sit in your pantry for a while until it becomes dry enough [a little moisture is fine]. After that, put that teabag[s] inside your shoes overnight. It will absorb the bad smell and leave a tea-like fragrance.

#2 Put a little bag of ground coffee

Now if you don’t really drink tea and prefer a coffee, you can pick a small amount of coffee ground from your kitchen and put it in a small cotton bag.

If you don’t get any cotton bag you can use your coffee filter or a baking cup, but make sure you place it carefully since it isn’t covered and might spill inside your shoes.

#3 Place a piece of scented dryer sheet 

Now it’s time for the laundry room to contribute a trick.

Pick a piece [or two!] dryer sheet to put inside your shoes. You want to make sure it’s a scented one so this trick becomes effective.

#4 Or use essential oils to spray your shoes

Greetings, essential oils lovers!

Now it’s time to introduce your essential oil to another useful trick to make your life more fragrant. You can mix three or four of your favorite essential oils in a bottle and spray them to your shoes.

If you don’t get any spraying bottle, you can easily drop essential oils directly into your shoes.

Fragrant shoes are coming!

#5 Put the fresh lemon zest in your shoes

Another trick from your kitchen to help your shoes getting well!

Next time you peel a lemon or any citrus fruit, keep the zest inside your shoes overnight instead of throwing them away directly.

To optimize the natural fragrance from the inner part of the zest come out, make sure you cut the zest into small pieces [not too small since it would be difficult to remove afterward].

#6 Sprinkle a tablespoon of baking soda 

Let us go back to the premise where bad odor caused by the growth of bacteria.

We gotta destroy the root of the problem.

You need to prevent the bacteria to grow. There are many factors that could be a cozy place for them, but the most crucial thing is the moisture.

So, pick a tablespoon of baking soda and put it inside your shoes, it would effectively remove the moisture.

If you’re afraid to get your shoes dirty by the powder, grab a coffee filter or baking cup. Let the baking soda sit overnight and repeat it several times per week for the maximum effect.

#7 Put an old newspaper 

What to do with yesterday newspaper? Do you throw them away? Please don’t.

You can utilize it to eliminate the bad odor comes from your shoes. Just squeeze a piece of your newspaper and put in inside your shoes. You might want to wait overnight until the moisture is gone.

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