7 Practical Ways to Save Money As A College Student


College life is hard. Let’s admit it. Especially when we live alone. There are a lot of things to think about. The projects, the exam, the note, the laundry, the messy dorm room, the car gas, the foods, the clothes. I haven’t mentioned the complicated social life, by the way.

All of those things above need money. We can’t produce food from the floor of our dorms and we can’t turn the car smoke into the new gasoline. We need to buy it. All of those things require us to pay and that’s where the story of the frugal-living student begins.

Thankfully, there are considerable ways for students to save several bucks. The tricks are pretty easy so you can start practicing them from today on!

Use Prepaid Plan

I don’t know why should a college student use a post-paid plan for the phone and the internet. I mean, surely it’s flexible but if you don’t practice discipline, you can easily break the bank.

On the other hand, using the prepaid plan leads to better control. It’s a super simple way to prevent yourself from going into debt. This is an automatic way to control yourself so you can’t expense more than you have.

Practice Healthy Living

Say goodbye to drinking and smoking. They bring nothing but damage to your body AND your wallet. So why are you doing that?

There are more fun and cool things in life you can enjoy. Practice healthy living and feel the amazing benefit of it.

If you need to Buy Something, Choose Only Something on Sale

Nope, it doesn’t mean you should run through the city and grab every discounted shoe in the store. NO WAY.

It means that, if your old sneakers got ugly and you need to buy the new ones, try to find discounts on the sneakers store. If you need to buy a winter jacket, buy it in the summer sale.

What about the foods? You need to eat three times a day.

Luckily, the campus area is pretty understanding of college students. Often the food stores around the campus provide discounts only students can enjoy. Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t speak it out loud so you need to ask the workers. So this is a stage for you to act. Go get that exclusive price.

Use Your Library Card Really Well

So you got a library card, huh? Have you really used it optimally?

Library got many things from thick books to references for an essay to cool novels. So, instead of wasting money on expensive cinemas, borrow amazing and fun books to accompany yourself in your spare time. If you use it well, you are able to chill out in a cheap way and save a lot of $$$

Anyway, the library card doesn’t only function to borrow a science book. If your library got an awesome collection of DVDs, go ask the librarian if you can borrow them too.

If you do a part-time job, choose the job where you can get free foods

Instead of watching your favorite bakery shop to schedule a discount day, get yourself a job there. Normally, food restaurants or bakeries provide free foods for their workers.

So make sure you work there every day and don’t forget to enjoy the benefits. If you get a piece of a burger every night, you can deliciously save the dinner budgets! AND remember, since you work there you deserve a salary. Free foods, more money.

Buy the Used Books

Just because the textbook has been read by your senior for a semester doesn’t mean it will change the content. If they don’t need it anymore you can make a bargain to buy it. If you don’t have any friends in the senior class, you can find a used book online and buy it cheaply.

A used book is somehow a smart way to study too. Since somebody has learned from it, chances are there are some ‘study marks’ in the books such as highlighted words or underlines on the important phrases.

Study Hard

Wait, what? How could studying save you money?

It doesn’t always the same from country to country but normally, an undergraduate degree consists of a 4-year study plan. After 4 years of struggle, if you do it right, you are able to hit the graduation punctually.

But did you realize? If you fail to reach graduation after the 8th semester, you need to face the new semester and pay more tuition fees and extend your apartment/dorm rent and pay for more things college students need to pay. Only one single semester delay is able to suck tons of dollars from your bank.

So that’s why you should force yourself to study. Not only will it help you get an outstanding GPA, but also save you so many dollars.

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