7 Practical Shopping Hacks You Should Be Trying to Save Tons of Money


Shopping means trading our money for something we need to have.

Or in some cases for something we want to have.

Or in another silly case, for something cute but useless.


Every day in this world, there is so much money that is wasted on items that are not very useful for people’s life. That is a sad fact because that’s how many people got broke easily.


None of us wants to get broke. And none of us definitely wants to get broke by shopping. To prevent this thing from happening in your life, you need to shop smartly.

So here are seven hacks you should be trying to save your precious money during shopping.


Avoid credit cards

Credit card is a naughty temptation . It can provoke you to purchase something unplanned. Especially when you heard that evil whisper, ‘I surely can get this cute thing right now, what’s there to stop me from buying it?‘.

No, you might not see any obstacles at that very moment, but wait until the due date comes and your bill becomes as high as a mountain.

Avoid credit cards. Use cash or debit card when you can and shop more intentionally.

See also how to shop like a minimalist.


Forget the shopping cart

How many times per month that you intend to shop ‘what is needed’ but end up having a back seat full of new things? More than twice?

That probably happens because you insist on using a shopping cart rather than trying to carry the items with your bare hands.

Using shopping cart tempts you to pick more items beyond your shopping list because you might feel like ‘ah I still have a lot of space to fill‘. On the other hand, if you only pick the item literally with your bare hands, you will more likely to proceed to the cashier so much sooner with few items because you cannot carry any more items.


Choose the dollar store to get your everyday needs

Retail stores are way fancier, but the dollar store was invented for a reason. Dollar store is a place where you can get the same items from retailer store with a better price.

They don’t always have every single product you want, but you can give it a try for your everyday needs like bread, feminine products, and cleaning products.


Watch before you pay

After you tick every box in your shopping list and reach the cashier, pay a close attention during the checkout. It’s important because a computer might be wrong too.

Prices are changing almost every day and there might be some new price of several items that haven’t been correctly input to the computer. So, keep a good eye on it and save yourself from a hurtful price difference.


Ask for a price matching

Some department stores offer price matching so you can claim the best price. Just inform your self about the price of items from other stores and make sure you have the evidence [i.e. bring a brochure from another store].

Tell your favorite store about the lowest price and they might give you an awesome deal.


Only buy your real need

“Wow, how adorable is that necklace?! Hey, look at the shoes, they’re too cute to be left in the store!”

Stop doing that, ladies.

Stick to your shopping list. And even when you see a discount on the store, ask yourself, would I still buy it if it weren’t on sale?

Remember, dear, even the cheapest item in the store would be a money-waster if you don’t need it.

So stick to your shopping list. Stop wasting your money. Stop adding useless clutter in your home.


Get your social media fix during the checkout line

What items are displayed on the checkout line? The small but eye-catching products that will beg you to pick them and bring them to the cashier table. Most of them are small and light, so even when you don’t bring a shopping cart they are still able to tempt you to pick them up.

Don’t fall into the trap.

Keep your eyes away from them so try to look at something else. One thing you can do during this queue is catching up with your social media feed. Respond to those friend requests. It’s easy, effective, and time-saving.

Practice those hacks above to pinch your budget when you go shopping. Those hacks might be small, but it can bring an awesome effect.

Happy saving!

These money-saving tips for shopping are AWESOME! I am so glad I found these amazing HACKS! Pinning! #money #moneysaving #save #money

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