8 Must-Have Apps for Every College Student That’ll Power Up Your Productivity

College is one of the most magical years in life. Everybody could be somebody. College is not easy, but most of us will miss the beauty side of it anyway.

I have to admit that college life is pretty complicated, especially if you study in a big city. Not only you need to face projects after projects, but also you need to get done with your dorm life which is not simple.

There are so many things to think in those years of struggle. Busy days feel endless but you need to study tirelessly. Did I mention about making time for social life? What a busy young life.

To help you get through the busy times, there are ultimate apps and websites you need to go to right now! These things are so helpful and useful for your every, ay task especially as a college student. Seriously, you need to see it.


Tired of losing your notes or any digital paperwork in your college life? Well, you seem not the only one who had faced it. But don’t worry, my friend. There is Dropbox.

In Dropbox, you are able to upload your files to your ‘cloud’ storage and access them anytime anywhere whether or not you got your personal phone and PC.

Not only for your personal success, if you have a solid study-oriented group in school and you want to help each other by sharing learning materials, you can make a group. Just like a facebook group, any member of the group is able to access the files uploaded in the group. Only the better feature is, after you configure the Dropbox to your PC, every new file uploaded to the group will be automatically saved to your PC too.

Google Drive

Being a college student in Millenium era means you would have loads and loads of files. Where do you store all of them safely? Like all of them. At your PC? Uhm… I’m not sure because I have faced hard times when my laptop was in trouble.

Google Drive is the right answer. It will help you to store your digital documents safely with flexible access.


Of course! Scrib is an awesome website where you can upload your lecture note to let people read it and vice versa. Not only note but you can find books and other study material as well. This is just a perfect thing to have as a college student.

Apple’s iTunes University

In this app, you can find a lot of course material from top universities and colleges. You might not always find the course from your own university, but there are loads of similar material from other colleges. Unfortunately, this app is only available for iOS users.


 LitCharts- screenshot

This app is so useful to find out information related to the literature you’re currently reading including reviews, themes, summaries, and quotes.


 EasyBib: Citation Generator- screenshot

Anyone here has a problem when doing citation in essay writing? I believe it’s not only me.

But luckily, there is EasyBib where you can just type the title of the book (or scan the barcode!) and get the citation ready to copy.

MyScript Smart Note

If you are a highly modern person who hates clutter or simply you don’t feel like putting your pencil down to your notebook, consider making a note with this cool app. MyScript Smart Note is a smart app that is able to capture your voice and handwriting to produce a digital note.


 Cram.com Flashcards- screenshot

If you are a flash-card lover, you might find this app so helpful. Cram is a smart app to study with the flashcards. You can create your own flashcard or use the ones available on the apps.

College life is neither easy or simple. But surely there is a clever way to make it a little bit enjoyable. Which one of those apps is your favorite? Let me know below in the comments 🙂


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