8 Seriously Smart Tricks to Save Money in Your Laundry Room


Whether you live alone or with a bunch of little kids, laundry is a mandatory duty that sometimes turns into something hectic.

In that tremendous frustration, usually, we only focus on how to get it done.

But did we even realize how much we spend our money in our laundry room per day? Did we even count it?

Ignoring calculation in something you do every day is one of the biggest mistakes in budgeting.

Let me tell you, laundry room could be expensive too.

Even when there are only three people who live in your home, you can waste so much money if you keep ignoring the thrifty lifestyle.

These are money-saving hacks that are easy to do and seriously helpful to keep your laundry budget low.

Let your laundry room enter the thrifty zone and you can see how much money you could actually save there!

Only press the start button on the fully-loaded machine

If you use your machine only to wash a pair of socks in the morning and come back in the evening to wash a pair of t-shirts, you are wasting money and energy (and water!).

So start your machine only when it’s fully loaded.

Every watt counts.

Wash with cold water

Water that comes from your water valve to the washing machine is normally cold by default, but if you want to wash with hot water then your machine needs to heat the water up, which costs a lot of energy.

More electrical energy used means more money spent.

So try to wash with cold water whenever possible.

Measure your detergent, very carefully

Careful is the best friend of frugal.

So, try to measure your detergent very carefully.

Detergent product usually comes with a little spoon inside the box to help you measure it precisely, so use it wisely.

Also read the guide and consider the result of your last washing process. If you got stiff clothes last time, probably you’ve used too much detergent. So, use less detergent next time.

Make your own detergent

One of the crucial points to save a lot of money in your life is, try DIYing with super cheap supplies instead of buying something fancy.

And yes, you can make your own detergent at home. Just grate a cheap bar soap and mix with 1 cup of washing soda and 1 cup of borax. Mix them well and measure carefully every time you use it.

Make your own softener

You only need a half cup of vinegar to be added to the final rinse water of your laundry. Choose distilled white vinegar. Not only will the acidic feature help you to soften your clothes, but it also prevents mildew growth and odor in your front loading washer.

Cut your dryer sheet in half and utilize something cheaper

Dryer sheet makes your clothes fragrant and removes static charge, but, hey, it’s pricey. So, consider reducing the usage of your dryer sheet.

You can use a ball of wool that helps the drying process quicker and can reduce the static charge.

Oh, there is another hack.

You can make a ball of aluminum foil, it’s effective to remove static charge too. If you love the fragrance, you can combine a half of your dryer sheet with a ball of aluminum foil.

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Use the iron as rarely as possible

Another way to save money in your laundry room is, reducing your electricity usage in ironing.

Whenever possible, wear clothes that doesn’t really need ironing like t-shirt or in colder months, sweater.

Only use iron for formal clothes like cotton shirts, pants for work, and skirts.

Hang your clothes right after they come out of the dryer

Hanging your clothes brings you a lot of benefits; you get tidier space, you get less mess, and you save your money. Why so?

A tumble dryer gives your clothes a heat, and it’s real heat, nearly the same heat you feel when you touch your shirt right after you iron it.

That’s why, when you pick your cotton shirt from the tumble dryer right after the dryer turns off, you can see your shirt becomes smooth and nearly 99% wrinkle-free. But if you let it sit there for few minutes, the heat will fade and the smoothness is gone.

So, to keep your cotton clothes tidy without ironing it, quickly grab it from the dryer right away and hang it. This way, you can save so much time and energy and of course, money!


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