9 Low-Maintenance Plants For Beginners


As a person who hate spending too much time under the sun and spending too much energy with the soil and pots, I loooooove plants that are easy to grow.

This kind of plants doesn’t require you to be a master of gardening.

Neither do they need gentle touch every hour.

This kind of plants is so easy to take care of.

There are many species of easy to grow and hard-to-kill plants in this world.

In this post you can find some ideas for your next gardening project.

These hard-to-kill plants below are also air-purifying plants. So it’s a total win! You can plant them around your garden or put them inside your home as botanical home decor.

Sounds cool, eh?

So read along and find your favorite air-purifying plants below!

Aloe Vera

A succulent plant that looks like a tail of an alligator. Aloe vera is very easy to maintain.

Beside this hard-to-kill feature, aloe vera has many useful benefits for health and beauty.

Spider Plant

Well, this plant does look like a green spider.

It’s very common for people to accidentally grow a new spider plant after the first one. That’s because this plant is too easy to grow and they love having new babies.


One of my favorite plant for indoors! This plant is very tolerant of any kind of light conditions.

You can grow it under an artificial light too.

Peace Lily

Real peace, isn’t it? This plant is famous for its decorative feature.

This calm plant loves warm and humid condition. However, it’s better to keep it away from your pet since it’s poisonous for them.

Snake Plant or Mother’s in Law Tongue

Despite its weird domestic name, the Sansevieria is very easy to take care. It’s very tolerant of low light and they don’t force you to water them every single day.

Seriously, this plant is really beginner-friendly! You can just plant them, water them 2-3 times a month (yes, you read that right!), and see them grow.

The plant’s need for water might vary in different seasons, but basically, you only need to water the plant when the soil looks dry. It’s that simple.

Weeping Fig

Weeping fig is perfect for an outdoor area, but it doesn’t mean you can’t keep it inside.

Just put it in a pot and trim the leaves tidily and bind the stem together prettily and it’s ready to bring fresh air into your room.

Ponytail Palm

This plant has narrow and long leaves that look like a messy ponytail.

This plant is easy to take care and it won’t force you to water it every single day since it has moisture stem.

Burro’s Tail

This is definitely NOT the most beautiful plant in the world, but this plant can make your home’s air better since it’s an air-purifying plant.

It’s insanely easy to grow too. The succulent ‘leaves’ sometimes fall and you can pot them to let it grow as a new plant.


Geranium is sunlight lover and it flowers a lot! You can choose the best variety which suits your favorite color.

Besides its pretty look, geranium is famously known as a mosquito repellant.


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