9 Practical Ways to Stop Procrastinating


Procrastination is a brutal time-killer that could easily lead you to unproductive life. Procrastination is sweet and easy, but the effect is heart-breaking and full of remorse.

Today I want to share several tricks to fight procrastination. These are effective tricks you can start practicing today to avoid procrastination and live a more productive life. So read along and let me know what you think!

Let go of perfection

I used to procrastinate because I wanted to do it perfectly. I was too afraid of starting my task because I worry that it might be ugly or unsatisfying. But guess what, most of the tasks I did in that way were never done perfectly instead. In fact, I didn’t complete some of them.

Nobody is perfect, my friend. And nothing in this world is perfect. It is possible to accomplish something outstanding without being perfect. It’s possible to build something satisfying without being perfect. It’s better to submit an ‘average’ essay on time rather than completed a ‘satisfying’ essay two days after the deadline. And remember, the most unsatisfying thing is when the task never gets done at all.

Break the long task down

Seeing an abundance of tasks can instantly make you feel like passing out or paralyzed. That sometimes happens when you’re overwhelmed by a super long to-do-list.

There is a trick to ace that, buddy. If you have so many tasks to do in a day, try to break them into groups. For example, point 1-5 must be done before 9 am, point 6-10 must be done before 11, point 11-15 must be done before 4 p.m, and so on.

Break the big project down

If the big project is the daunting problem, try to break them too into small tasks. If you need to submit your 15-pages essay by Friday, don’t put ‘write 15 pages essay and submit it‘ in your Friday planner. Instead, try to analyze what are the things you must do in order to form an essay.

You might need some research on the topic, some brainstorming to build an outline, a time to figure out the thesis statement, a time to write engaging opening and ending, a time to write the content, and a time to proofread.

If you have 6 small tasks to do, try to put each of them in 6 different days or times. This is a trick that will give you an impression that the task is easy and quick.

Write down your specific tasks with your own deadlines

One of the most famous ways to get yourself remember what to do and avoid procrastination is, writing down your tasks. You can use bullet journal, planners, or apps to do that. Yeah, yeah, that is classic. But read the trick below.

Instead of writing your list with a single phrase or sentence, try to make a detailed timeline. So, you decide what to do and when you must accomplish the task. That’s why you need to break the task down. It will help you to remember what are exactly the things needs to be done and what is the first thing that must be done.

Avoid Distractions

You need to keep being focused to accomplish a task. So, keep distractions away from your life, at least for that moment of the big mission. If you think sound and music are distractors, then choose a silent room or work in the night. If you think social media is the biggest distractor in your life, try to avoid them.

There is a genius Chrome extension called StayFocusd that is designed to block the distracting websites in a certain amount of time. The app is highly configurable and will definitely train you to be disciplined.

Realize that, no matter how, you must finish that task

No matter how lazy you are feeling to fulfill that task, you eventually must complete it. Whether it is today or tomorrow or right before the deadline, you must complete it.

But here is the difference. If you do it today, you can gather more resources and ideas so you can give all of your best focus and complete the task outstandingly. If you do it thirty minutes before the deadline, you might have a chance to finish it but the ticking time tends to worry you a lot. Trust me I’ve felt it.

When you’re only focusing on the remaining time left, you cannot think clearly and you’ll tend to ignore the quality of your work.

Get surrounded by disciplined people

Good people inspire goodness to other people. And you can be inspired only when you are around them or at least you let yourself get exposed to their positive inspirations. Find friends who work diligently or famous people who sparkle awesome motivations.

Even if they don’t specifically tell you to do the things written in your to-do-list, their positivity can influence you to follow discipline just like they do.

Reward yourself

Doing a huge project every week is something so amazing. So, give yourself a time for refreshing but only after you finish that huge task. For example, you will buy yourself a pizza after doing spring cleaning for the whole house.

Don’t overthink

There are big missions in life that seem too difficult and bring us to fear or doubt. In some cases, the more we think the more we’re afraid of it. So before the fear haunts you, do it right away. Never let the evil whisper or doubts stop you from chasing your dream.

Time is ticking, dear! We cannot freeze it. We get older every single second and when our time is gone, we can’t get it back. So stop wasting your time and act now!


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