9 DIY Projects Using Cardboard Box That are So Creative

Got a cardboard box but have no idea what to do? Don’t throw it away! The cardboard box is actually super useful. You can use it to keep your house organized or do some fun DIY crafts. There are amazing things you can create. Use your imagination and let the awesomeness happen!

Storage Bins

DIY Storage Bins from Cardboard Boxes - Easy Nursery DIY

via justmeasuringup.com

A simple touch on your boxes could bring a whole new level of tidiness in your house. Just wrap the cardboard box with your favorite patterned paper and add a knob to look professional. You can customize it as you like.

Laptop Stand with Hidden Organizer

Picture of Make the BasePicture of Make the Base

via instructables.com

If you need to place your laptop a little bit higher with the perfect angle for your most convenient working position, you might need a laptop stand. Don’t bother buying it because you can re-use your cardboard as a laptop stand with a hidden space to organize your cables.

Jewelry Box

DIY Cardboard Jewelry Box

via diyprojects.com

Tired to see your abundant collection of jewelry scattered around your room? Try to put them in your DIY jewelry box. You can easily organize your stuff here because it features little boxes and dividers. Oh, you can customize the look with your favorite pattern and color too!

Decorative Mirror

via modernonmonticello.com

Cheap and useful craft to try this summer. If you love flowers and floral decorations, you might be loving this DIY cardboard mirror too! You can paint with brighter color like yellow or pink for more vibrant atmosphere.

Coin Bank

Picture of Cardboard Coin Bank

via instructables.com

Coins.. coins everywhere… Whether you are a budgeter who is challenging yourself to save every single penny in your life or you simply hate scattered coins in your kitchen, give yourself a coin bank. Yup, it’s just like a piggy bank, but it doesn’t look like a pig. In fact, this useful box is crafted from a cardboard box. So, you can make it yourself and customize the style as you want.

Collapsible Furniture

apieceofrainbow11- (52)w

via apieceofrainbow.com

What a marvelous creativity! This is an ultimate way to turn a cardboard box into something fancy. You can bring this furniture to relax on the beach or in your backyard to enjoy the blistering heat of the sun. P.S. don’t forget to bring a glass of lemonade.

Flower Vase

DIY vase craft idea

via ourhousenowahome.com

Another floral decoration made of a cardboard box! Instead of buying expensive and vulnerable vases, try to make your own vase out of a cardboard box. The vase is easy to make and basically durable since it won’t break into pieces when you accidentally drop it.

Super Cute Tissue Holder

via pinkstripeysocks.com

Could you resist pulling on the tail of this cardboard bunny? This adorable tissue holder is a practical way to turn your cardboard box into something your kids would love.

Cat Tent

via Scrappy Chick Designs

With only two simple and cheap materials you can get your cat a new [and warm!] house. Just grab an old t-shirt and pull it over to cover the whole box. Remember to cut the cover of the box where you place the t-shirt collar as an access to the tent.

If you are a big fan of green living or DIY stuff, you should never ever throw away your idle cupboard box. The cupboard box’s journey must not end after landing in your house. Instead, it’s just a beginning to be something new and amazingly useful.

What do you think about those cool crafts? Please let me know in the comment section below.


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