Make Money Blogging Fast : The Bloggers Who Prove that Making Quick Money with A New Blog is Possible!

Let’s admit it, many people start a new blog with the intention to make money from it. We love passive income and we want to create one, just like professionals bloggers do.

Oh yeah, I’m gonna make one, I’m gonna make one, the cheerleader inside your heart screams.

But then there are evil whispers like, are you crazy? you will need years and years to see a decent income from your blog! 

I hate that words.

The truth is, you are able to make money quickly with your brand new blog! Of course, it’s not easy. But it’s not impossible at all. Don’t believe me?

I have compiled a good collection of first-month income reports from the blogosphere. These beautiful reports show us that it is surely possible to produce money in the very first month of blogging.

Go check them out!

1 by Laura Iancu

Blog income report. Find out the SECRET SAUCE to launching a blog and turning a profit in the first month. If you've ever wondered how to make money blogging, read this and join her FREE email course.

With only 5 blog posts, Laura Iancu produced a decent money from her blog. She’s so smart and awesome and honestly, she is one of my inspiration to start blogging.

You can check her first-month blogging income report here.

2 by Emma

Alright, guys. This is one of my favorite income reports around the internet. In the first month, this pretty blog was able to produce more than $300 bucks, before expenses. To see the report you can go here.

3 by Andrea

How I Made Money My First Month Blogging- Blog Income Report

This quick income report is worth to visit. Well, Andrea produced less than a hundred dollars in the first month of blogging, but her journey is inspiring anyway. You can read it here.

4 by Maya Maceka

bloggers that make money

Maya’s first-month income report is so interesting and inspiring for new bloggers. She did a really good report. If you want to know how her income breakdown, you can click here.

5 by Taylor Stanford

Taylor has a simple blog with simple (but inspiring) posts. She is so smart and she shows us that blogging shouldn’t be complicated. Taylor made a good money in her first month of blogging. You can read her awesome report here.

Juicy money, isn’t it? Those are valid evidence that making money quickly by blogging is possible!

Those amazing blogs show us that with few posts and not-so-high pageviews, you are able to earn a decent money. You don’t need the complicated topic to start. And yes, you are able to make good money in the first month of blogging. Yes, you can do it too!

Now, what are you waiting for to start a new blog and make passive income from it? Everybody can do this! Oh, did I mention it’s very affordable to start? Now you can start your own blog for as low as $3.95 per month! Still wondering what to name your blog? Type your idea below and check if it’s available.

Happy blogging!



1 thought on “Make Money Blogging Fast : The Bloggers Who Prove that Making Quick Money with A New Blog is Possible!”

  1. Hi Malvina!

    These are all so inspiring. Even though I teach the proven system to making money blogging, I too never believed money could be made until like the 3rd month but it happened to me with my new blog.

    While I don’t share income reports, I made $27 in my 2nd week blogging and it was within merely 24 hours of putting up links! It seems it’s so much easier to make money blogging these days.

    It’s great these women are putting themselves out there and inspiring newer bloggers. Kudos to them and to you for compiling this.


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