Garage Organizing Tips

Garage is built for the cars or vehicles, am I right? But it’s a common thing that this room also becomes a ‘hiding place’ for miscellaneous things (that don’t fit in other rooms) such as drills, balls or even gardening tools. There are so many things in this room and sometimes it just feels impossible …

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Baby Clothes Organizing Tips

Baby is small. But they have A. LOT. OF. CLOTHES. I get it! I know how it feels to organize an abundance collection of baby clothes. And unless you are a brand new mom who hasn’t experienced giving a baby a shower, you knew that organizing baby clothes is not only about stacking it inside the …

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How to Clean Your Washing Machine

Laundry just sounds like an endless story, am I right? Using the washing machine every day (or twice a day!) for a long time can leave some smell, bacteria, or dirt inside the washing machine. It can make doing laundry feel more daunting and it can also affect your clothes cleanliness. That’s why cleaning your …

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How to Clean Your Baseboard

Baseboard is a small part of the house that can easily get neglected when it comes to cleaning. It might not be the point of interest but if it gets dirty when everything else is clean it can significantly decrease the ‘clean look’. Now cleaning your baseboard can be tricky especially when the baseboard haven’t …

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