The Insanely Frugal Way to Start A Profitable Blog


This post is dedicated to the younger version of myself.

A shy girl who was broke, who wanted to make money so badly but didn’t know much about the world. If only I had a chance to see myself in the past so I could read this post to her so she knew what to do and could get out of desperation sooner.

Hello, guys! Today I want to talk about building a profitable blog in a cheap way.

I believe that some investments could bring us a good value in return.

I wish I could have enough money to put big investments too.

But when I started this blog, I was a poor dumb girl.

Luckily, I found a super cheap way to reach my mission. Like the proverb says, where there is a will, there is a way.

Guys, here is the smart way to start a blog frugally. I made it step-by-step for an easier read. So check it out and let me know what you think!

Decide quickly and wisely

Several months ago, when I was so depressed and I was looking for a legit way to make money, many people on the internet suggested me to blog.

I was so skeptical and pessimistic at that time.

Urgh, how could I even start a blog? I was a dinosaur in technology.

No, seriously. I was far behind my friends. Many times I got painful laughter when my friends talked about technology to me.

And then those intelligent people on the internet advised me to blog? WHAT? Are you kidding me?

I kept being pessimistic and hold my decision for a long time. I even tried to forget about it. I believed that there must be another way that fits me.

But after visiting and revisiting many cities to find a job, wasting my precious money for the transportation, and got broken heart of saying goodbye to the company I have struggled for, I took a moment to think.

Maybe blogging is the right path for me?

Why don’t I give it a shot?

What is the worst risk?

Wouldn’t it be cool if I can work from home?

Starting a blog was a painful decision for me.

But I took the decision.

And I regret I didn’t decide any sooner.

Be professional

I did a lot of research because I didn’t want to fail.

I found that bloggers who made good money have a professional-looking blog, both the address and the design.

So I’ve learned from the best. I didn’t want to fail, remember.

I want to do what the successful bloggers do. So I choose to be professional.

Have a professional domain name

If I blog with free hosting like Blogspot, I might not lose any penny for hosting but I won’t have full control of my blog, I can’t customize it professionally, and the address of my blog would have a tail like …

That does not look professional.

And how could you build traffic and make money with a blog that doesn’t look professional?

That’s pretty darn hard, bro.

So don’t bother trying a free hosting unless you only blog for fun without expecting a profit.

Le’s go for real with the professional hosting. With a professional hosting, you will have full control of your blog and you are able to customize the design of your blog as you like.

Oh, and for sure, you can choose the professional address of your blog name. So instead of, you can set a name that ends with .com, just like successful blogs have in their address.

In my research, I found that there are so many hosting services in this world. I read here and there to compare the prices and services. I finally chose Bluehost because, guys, a broke person has eyes of the eagle when it comes to spotting the lowest price that gives the most benefit.

Now if you want to start your own blog cheaply like me, listen up==> sign up through this link to start your blog for only $3.95 per month and they will give you a free domain name [value $15]. BTW I made a tutorial post about this so you can read the steps clearly HERE.

Use drag and drop page builder 

I received kind words from people who thinks the design of my blog is pretty cool.

Guys, by the time you are reading this post, are you seriously thinking I am using an expensive designer’s theme?

Oh, come on, guys! I was so broke I couldn’t even afford a web designer or a premium theme!

So how did I get this professional design of my blog?

SMART HACK TO TRY: I use ASTRA free theme and Elementor free plugin.

They are free things that allow me to design my blog the way I want it to look. After you completed your Bluehost registration, you can install those two amazing things to build a beautiful design for your blog. Why pay expensively if you can get the same wonderful quality for free?

What’s your game plan?

There are several types of profitable blogs. You can choose one that suits you the best.

  • a blog where you sell your own products [e-book, printables, or courses]
  • a blog where you promote yourself to get hired
  • an affiliate blog
  • a blog that serves advertisements

After you decide the type of your blog, you need to plan it in detail. Who is your target audience? What is the topic of your blog? How would you fill the blog?

If you want to make money quickly with a small amount of visitor, it’s easier to make money with the first three options.

  • If you are an expert on a subject [automotive, writing, sewing, or anything] you can sell a product that helps people understand the thing you are good at. If you are a designer you can also make a printable art and sell it.
  • If you want to work in a company, you can fill your blog with your résumé. Make sure you create a beautiful landing page [you can create it with Elementor!] so your employer would be impressed.
  • If you love reviewing products, you can sign up for affiliate programs and review the products you truly love and recommend people to buy it from your link.

If only I had a chance to talk to the younger version of myself, I want to read this post for her so she knew what to do to get out of desperation. Friend, I realize that’s a useless wish. But I make other wishes that might come true: I really wish you find this post helpful and I really wish my story inspired you to take your brave decision to blog.

Please don’t repeat the mistakes I did. 

Decide now!

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