The Easy Ways to Save Loads of Money with Envelope Budgeting Method


There are so many clever ways to save money.

One of the most popular ways is the envelope budgeting method.

Yep, you put the money into envelopes, take the money from the envelope when you need it, and refill it every beginning of the period.

If you’ve been looking for some clever ways to practice this budgeting system, take a look at these awesome tips below. Let these tips help you ace the budgeting and save as much money as you can!


Plan your monthly budget for every aspect of your life

Budgeting is the fundamental of money-saving. Write down your monthly financial goal, income goal, savings goal, and put an approximate amount for every expense.

Remember, when you decide to plan the expenses, put a lower number than your last bill. This is a smart way to trick yourself so you will be trying to spend less.


Hey, you don’t really need to put every bill with this method

Now it’s my favorite trick.

Envelope budgeting is not established for a permanent usage. I agree that this does help me a lot to save my money.. But we don’t really need to apply this trick to every single aspect of our lives.

I personally think that this method best suits our everyday needs, especially grocery.

Now look at the expense categories you have written before, decide which categories you want to save with the envelope budgeting.


Go kiss your credit card goodbye [or a little hug]

Sorry, guys, but envelope budgeting means budgeting with real cash on your hands. It means you will replace some payments with real cash instead of your credit card.

Wait, don’t find it intimidating!

Instead, this method is a smart trick to make you think twice whenever an appealing advertisement appears in front of you. That’s how you force yourself to obey your own budgeting rule.


If you need to shop online, use gift cards or prepaid cards

You might need your prepaid cards for some cases.

For example when you shop online.

Just remember to deduct the same amount from your envelope[s] too.

Here is the example, if you want to buy a book that cost $20 using a prepaid/debit card, then:

  • You pick a $20 bill from your BOOKS envelope and put it in your PREPAID envelope.
  • Write down the transaction on both of the envelopes.
  • Proceed to your real transaction using the prepaid card.

Keep your envelopes secure

Now that envelope budgeting means having real cash [not just numbers on the screen], you really need to keep a good eye on your envelopes.

Put somewhere very secure that only you who knows it. Don’t put all of the envelopes together, if a bad guy found it, you could lose all of it.


However, put some money in your wallet JUST IN CASE you forget your envelope

Better safe than sorry, buddy! If you are new to this method, you might forget to bring your envelope to the store.

But what if you just realize it after you proceed to the cashier?

Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if you don’t bring any money?

So keep some cash in your pocket/wallet. Remember, when you reach home, deduct the same amount from a specific envelope and write down the transaction.


Do not cheat yourself!


You cannot cheat!

You come to this method because you want to successfully save your money, right? So, don’t cheat the rule you made yourself.

An example of cheating is putting more money into a specific envelope at the end of the month just because you couldn’t resist buying new shoes that were on sale.


Happy budgeting!


Don’t forget to save these tips for later!


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