FREE Printable 2020 Calendar to Help You Reach Your Goals


Time flies.

And guess what?

2019 is almost gone!

Woah! Can you believe it?!

There are so many things happened in this year.

Sad moments, happy moments, frustrating moments, exciting moments… Basically everything.

12 months never felt this fast to me.

Are you feeling the same?

Now that 2020 is just around the corner, why don’t we get prepared for it?

To help you get started, I just created a new printable calendar for you!

This printable 2020 calendar consists of 12 pages.

You can find each month on every page along with beautiful picture of scenery around the world!

I tried to put the pictures based on the month season.

I hope you are OK if we start with the Eiffel Tower 🙂

Ah, this beautiful landmark looks so amazing even in a snowy day!

In January, it can be a super cold month in your area, but remember that the new year has just begun.

Remember your resolution.

The Eiffel Tower has a summit, so does your goal!

Focus on it and believe that you can achieve it!

February can be heavily snowy in some parts of the world.

But remind yourself that you can make it beautiful!

If the weather is too cold outside, it means that family gathering in the living room can feel warmer!

Oh la la!

Spring is coming!

Spring contains new weather, new atmosphere, and new hope!

Take a deep breath and get ready for a new day!

The Netherlands has beautiful tulips and windmills.

It attracts a lot (seriously a lot) of international tourists every year.

But did you know?

The Netherlands is a small country.

Like, super small.

This small country is also SINKING.

Can you imagine a small land that is sinking overtime?

And they’re trying so hard to keep the land above the water.


It’s not about how much things you got.

It’s about how hard you are willing to try.

Have you ever been to Indonesia?

If you haven’t, you should!

It has more than 17,000 islands (Bali is one of them) and beautiful seas so if you love swimming, diving, snorkelling, or any fun activity then just bring your family to Indonesia!

You can find delicious foods with super cheap prices as well!

I chose fresh-looking pictures for the summer months.

I hope it can inspire some fresh spirits to your journey of achieving your goals.

And I hope too these pictures can be some inspiration for your family’s summer vacation plan!

You can download the full version of printable 2020 calendar after signing up to my email list 🙂

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