15 Garage Organization Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

It depends on how you treat it, your garage could be either the source of mess or a beautiful room in your house instead. There are so many things in this room and sometimes it just feels impossible to organize them all.

Fortunately, I’ve compiled 15 of the best garage organization hacks from all over the internet. These hacks are super clever and worth copying. So read along and find your favorite hack to organize your garage.

Let’s go!

Install a clever pegboard to organize mechanical tools

via Amazon

Organize all of your screws, bolts, nails, clips, washers, nuts, and all those tiny pieces easily using a pegboard. This super smart pegboard comes with bins too.

You can easily get it here.


Get your cabinets some wheels

i finally got tired of having all my tools scattered all over my garage and decided, diy, how to, shelving ideas, storage ideas, cabinets open Hard to tell on these photos but cabinet opens to reveal 3 storage areas Each outside door is pegboard on top and shelves at the bottom Center unit is walled up half way with places to hang on each side and above center divider is shelving

via Hometalk

Whether you craft your own cabinet or you chose to grab them from the store, don’t forget to install some wheels.

This makes your cabinet easy to move so you can save time and sanity when you want a garage remodeling.


Organize your circuit breaker


via First Home Love Life

Make color codes for each of lights in your home and write down


Use a super strong magnetic strip to handle those metal tools

Garage Organization

via One Good Thing by Jilee

Get a super strong magnetic strip. Spray it with your favorite color, if you want. And stick your automotive tools on it.

You can easily get a magnetic strip here.


Organize your tool on Wall Panel Storage System

Workshop space organization

via A Beautiful Mess


Keep your beach necessities in one basket

via A Bowl Full of Lemons

Summer is coming, where are all of those things you need for your next beach adventure?

Find them easily in one basket.


Organize your gardening tools in PVC

via Ashbee Design


Organize hose and sprinkles using an old bucket


via Martha Stewart

Install an old bucket on the garage wall and use it to organize your hose.


Keep all of your painting supplies in one place

Garage a mess? Get organized with this quick tutorial for an inexpensive paint brush holder!

via Polished Habitat

Craft a DIY paint brush holder to keep all of your painting supplies in one place. You can see the tutorial here.


Use clear glass canisters to organize tiny tools

jars with screws and nails

via BHG


Keep all the balls inside a soft-sided ball bin

Garage Storage Solutions: One-Weekend Wall of Storage

via The Family Handyman


Build storage towers and fill it with plastic bins

Stack Bins the Easy Way

via The Family Handyman

Don’t forget to label each of plastic bins for easier storage and access.

You can categorize the tower based on the main function i.e. tower A for the gardening tool, tower B for craft tool, tower C for the automotive tool.


Organize all of your screwdrivers in one organizer

Easy DIY Screwdriver Storage

Via Fresh Crush

Craft a super-easy DIY screwdriver holder, install it on your garage wall, and use it to display your screwdriver collection.


Hang all the bikes to save space

via Amazon

This bike holder is capable of holding 4 bikes. And it’s super easy to install. You can easily get the hanger here.


Make your kids learn to park their own vehicle using colored tape

UBH Parking Pad for Outdoor Toys

via orgjunkie.com

I think it’s a fun thing to do both for you and your kids.

You can also add the picture of the vehicle to the wall so they have a better clue about their toys’ parking zone.

Improve your garage organization easily using these SUPER CLEVER organizing hacks. See how to organize your bike, how to organize your mechanical tools, and so many more! #garage #organization #oganizing #garageorganization



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