How To Be Productive When Working From Home

how to be productive when working from home #productivity

Working at home can be so challenging especially during the pandemic.

I am an introvert and some people might think that the introverts feels nothing differ a lot during this quarantine.

The truth is, both extrovert and introvert has a challenge in this quarantine especially when we’re talking about productivity.

Extroverts might need the sound of the crowd, the feeling of being outside the house, the laughter from their coworkers during the lunch break, or the joy of seeing people in real life to boost up their productivity. Hence, they might feel so bored or stressed during this working-from-home era.

Introverts like me tend to love tranquillity and solitude. Introverts who live alone might not feel a lot of differences these days. But introvert who lives with their family, like me, can face a real struggle especially when it comes to productivity.

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, if you live with some people in your house during this quarantine, you might feel a challenge on how to become productive.

In this post, we’re gonna talk about how to become productive when you have to work from home or work at home.

Try these tips at home!

Set Your Alarm Clock


Now imagine that tomorrow you have a meeting in your real office at 9.30 AM.

Ask yourself, what is the first thing you’re going to do to make sure that you can catch the meeting with the best version of yourself? How to make sure that you won’t be late? How to make sure that you will know what to talk and how to respond? How to make sure that you won’t look like a mess in front of your coworkers?

Before anything else, you need to set your alarm clock to make sure that you will wake up early. Waking up before the sun rises is a great idea and you can do a lot of things before your meeting.

Now you might be thinking, why should I wake up early if I do not need to commute or drive my car?

When working from home, you might not need to travel from your home to your office. But there are other challenges that you might need to face that you do not regularly do before the pandemic, for example making sure that your children get books, toys, or good activities to spend time while you’re working.

You can use that ‘regular commuting time’ for taking care of your kids or handling other challenges.

Get Dressed Like A Normal Working Person

Getting half-tidy by only wearing a shirt and tie without wearing long pant/trouser can make someone doesn’t feel 100% at work. Besides, it can be embarrassing when unexpected moment happens (for example when you need to stand up and close the door behind you, they can see you with your short!).

Getting dressed like a normal working person with your normal working costume can help you increase your productivity.

When someone is wearing a whole costume of a clown, they’ll usually tend to have the feel of being a clown. When someone is wearing a real costume of a graduation gown, they can feel the vibe of being a college grad. So, when you want to push your mind to feel like a real ‘working person’ get dressed like a working person and not just wearing a piece of shirt. If possible, you can also wear your shoes to improve the vibe of ‘working’.

Set A Dedicated Working Space

Although it’s only a small room in your house, a dedicated working space can help you get more focused.

If there is no empty room in your house, you can put a simple partition using a bookshelf or some cheap plywoods.

If possible, make this working space ‘hidden’ or secret so your kids cannot easily run to you when they’re playing.

Avoid Distractions

Atmosphere can be so productivity-boosting when you’re inside the real office.

But when you’re at home with little kids or teenagers, things might be a little bit challenging.

Before you start working in the morning, it’s a good idea to make sure that everybody is fed, clean and happy.

You can also make shift with your spouse to take care of your little kids or to be the ‘home guard’ when you’re on your working schedule so you can be less worry.

If possible, you can also soundproof your working space to help you improve your focus so you can get more things done.

Let Everyone Knows That You Are Working

Last but definitely not least, make sure that everybody in the house knows that you’re working.

Make sure that your spouse, kids, siblings, parents, or anyone in the house understands your working schedule.

Let them know when you will start working, when you will finish working, and when you will take some rest.

SAY IT CLEARLY, EXPLAIN TO THEM that you are going to work inside your dedicated working space for a certain amount of time.

If you work inside a room with a door, you can also put a ‘WORKING’ sign or your working schedule on the door to remind them.

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