How to Let Go of Past

Have you ever feeling numb about present days?

Did you just travel to a beautiful country but feeling no fun?

Did you just celebrate a big moment of the year but everything feels mediocre?

Probably your body is here but your mind and heart are still dwelling on the past for years. Probably you can’t get over a scar from the past. That’s why you cannot focus on what’s happening on today.

If you are shouting inside your heart about how hurtful the moment was, I hear you! I understand my friend. I understand how painful it was.

Because I felt such things too.

People get hurt every day. But sometimes the pain is too heavy to carry and it acts as an anchor which restrains you to move along with your life. That’s why some of us choose to dwell on the past and refuse to let it go.

But did you realize? It’s not healthy.

Dwelling on the past prevents us from going forward in life. It prevents us to feel truly happy today. It prevents us to live our present life. And it prevents us to pursue the future.

So, today I want to share tips to get over the past.

Here is the list:

Decide to Move On

Well, basically, something that made us dwell in the past is, our own decision to stay there.

Now that you realize how inconvenient the feeling is, you need to decide to move on. Sad thought doesn’t go itself. Gather courage and build a commitment. Tell yourself to be cooperative. You are strong, my dear. You are stronger than you think. So take a brave decision to move on.

Accept It

Footsteps of a woman walking on a sand beach

So it did happen.

It did.

It is now in the history of your life. It is pinned permanently there.

No matter how hard you try, you cannot erase it. You cannot change the past, my dear friend. You can’t.

So gently, let yourself accept it as a reality. Accept it as something that already happened.

Accepting doesn’t mean you are weak. Instead, it’s a sure sign that you are a strong person.

Learn From It

Every story, no matter how painful it is, has a moral value to learn. Try to accept it as a part of life lesson that grows you wiser. Consider that it’s a chance for us to be a better human being.

Everybody falls sometimes. But wise people never let themselves fall in the same hole.

Put Yourself in Positive Activity Which Needs A Lot of Concentration

Join a language course. Study new subjects. Meditate. Solve a puzzle. Join a challenge to achieve something good. Let yourself drowned deeply in a world of concentration.

This way, you would force yourself to think about everything else so your mind would ‘forget the pain’ at least for several hours in a day. If you put yourselves super busy in such things, you are helping yourself to forget about the pain you have been dwelling. Because human brain tends to set aside everything that is considered as ‘not important right now’.

The more often you set aside a thing, the more covert it will be in your mind. And the more often you covert it, the easier for you to forget a little or big thing about it. That’s why we forget about calculus once we have a career in culinary, for example.


Probably you were feeling guilty about an accident and you cannot forgive yourself. Feeling guilty is a sign that you regret that you have done a bad thing.

That’s normal.

And that’s somehow a good sign because you have a feeling of humanity because only mean people who did a bad thing without feeling sorry.

Feeling guilty is normal, but don’t let yourself drowned in it for a long time. If you can fix the problem, fix it. If you are able to apologize to someone, then apologize. If you are able to do something to reduce the bad effect, then do it. But after all, try to forgive yourself. Learn from it. Learn from it seriously and show the world that you have been growing really well and you are a so-much-better person today.

Or probably you are feeling hatred with a bad guy who had done something hurtful. Forgiving the mean person who did a very bad thing to you in the past probably is the last thing you want to do. But did you know that happy people are able to live their happy life because they have been successful in forgiving a lot of people and bad moments?

Forgiving doesn’t make you weak at all. Forgiving proves that you are strong. YOU. ARE. STRONGER. THAN. THEM.

Gather positive thoughts

Although letting go of past is often easier said than done, some powerful quotes can lift up our mood and courage. Expose yourself to positive sayings and positive people. Inspire yourself with empowering stories. Learn from amazing people. Read the life story of happy people who had sad past and learn how they dealt with it.

Be Grateful For Today

Well, there was a bad story. There was.

But look around you today. Look at the things you have. Good health. Good friends. Good family. Good opportunities. Did you notice it before?

God blesses you with many beautiful things in life. You have a very beautiful life. Live it. Feel it. Be grateful for your life. Focus on what you have and not on what you don’t right now.


Just in case nobody hasn’t told you:

You are an amazing person and you deserve living a peaceful life 🙂


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