How To Make Your House Smell Good


Raise your hand if you love fragrance!!

When everybody needs to stay at home for a long time, the house must be comfortable.

A comfortable house is: clean, organized, joyful, and smell good!

How to make your home smell good?

Try these tips!

Clean The Kitchen

A smelly house doesn’t mean every item inside the house produces smell.

Maybe the problem is only in a single spot of the home!

You might have some suspicion over some area of the house, and the biggest suspect can be… THE KITCHEN!

So, check your kitchen. Is it clean?

Is it totally clean?

There are several things to check in the kitchen:

1/The fridge

Open your fridge and check if everything is OK.

Things to check inside the fridge

  • rotten fruits
  • expired foods
  • spoiled foods
  • food or liquid spills

If you find any of those items above in your fridge, throw them away.

2/The sink

When someone didn’t finish their food and they didn’t know what to do with the food and they just left it on the sink.. well, it can cause a problem.

A smelly problem.

So check if the sink is really clean.

If there is any dirty dishes, wash it.

If the sink strainer is full, clean it.

If the sink is clogged, use baking soda, vinegar, and hot water to unclog it.

3/The trash

Alright, there is a HIGH chance that the trouble maker lies here.

Maybe there are rotten fruits, spoiled foods, or some disgusting things inside the trash.

If you think that your trash bag is “clean” or doesn’t contain any disgusting things, there is still a possibility that the trash becomes smelly.

Because germs love trash, and together they can produce something smelly.

So, clean the trash.

Empty the trash AND clean the garbage can.

CAUTION: it can be disgusting, especially when the garbage can is a little bit wet.

How to clean the garbage can?

You can do it with a long brush and liquid dish soap. Some people might recommend using a clean toilet brush, but I think that is super disgusting. Although it might look clean, a toilet brush can still hold some bacteria from the toilet… and you don’t want to transfer it inside your trash can.

If it’s possible, use a long or expendable brush.

If you don’t have it, you can craft it!

Use the handle of your mop (remove the mop head so the mop handle is left alone) and pair it with an old ugly kitchen cloth/cleaning cloth that you don’t want to use anymore. If your mop handle is straight [like a stick], that’s great! If your mop handle has a wide clamp you probably want to use the other side to pair with the cloth. Tie up the cloth tightly so it doesn’t get loose easily.

  1. Empty the trash can
  2. Empty the liquid inside the garbage can [if there is any]
  3. Soak the garbage can for 5 minutes using 1 tbsp of liquid dish soap, 1/2 cup of vinegar, and 1 gallon of water. You can modify the mixture according to your need.
  4. Empty the trash can again (pour the mixture away), just leave a few drops for scrubbing.
  5. Now with the long-handled cleaning tool, scrub the inside of the trash can
  6. Rinse with clean water
  7. Dry well under the sun [or use a hair dryer]
  8. Sprinkle some baking soda
  9. Use the trash can again

Clean The Bathroom

The next big thing to check is the bathroom. Several things to do to deodorize your bathroom:

1/Clean the toilet bowl

Clean it seriously.

Use effective product to scrub it. Flush it. And then place a toilet disc inside the toilet rim.

Don’t forget to scrub the outer part of the toilet bowl too! There might be smelly spills built up around there!

2/Clean the wall

Believe or not, there might be some smelly spills on the wall.

If you live with boys, I believe you know what I mean.

So, wash the wall.

Don’t forget to use soap or fragrant cleaning product to do it.

3/Change the rug

If you have more than 1 bathroom rug, that is great!

You can change the rug everyday.

1 rug is for use. 1 rug is being cleaned.

The next day they switch the place so you can have fresh rug every single day.

Don’t forget that the bathroom rug might contain bacteria or something smelly too!


Sprinkle some baking soda on your carpet and upholstery.

After 30 minutes, dust them well.

The purpose of this action is to absorb the bad odor.

Put citrus peel inside the shoes

If the bad odor comes from the shoe rack… you might want to use the citrus peel!

Lemon peel or orange peel has strong [good] aroma that can help fight back bad odor.

So put the citrus peel inside the shoes to help you fight the odor in the shoe rack.

Look Around…

Check your garage. Check your living room. Check every room of the house. Does the bad smell comes from there?

If so, clean the room.

If the problem hasn’t solved yet..

Don’t forget to ask every member of the family, do you have something that doesn’t smell good inside your room?

Maybe they keep something rotten in their room.

Maybe they saw sticky spills on their floor.

Or maybe there is a dead rat under their bed.

Hey! It might happen, right?

When you find a potential trouble maker, fix it. Clean it. Disinfect it, because the smell could be evidence of germ activity! And don’t forget to use a fragrant cleaning product when cleaning it.

Put fragrance inside the house

Finally, when everything is clean and deodorized, don’t forget to put some fragrance inside the house.

There are several things you can do:

  • Lit up a fragrant candle in the room where everybody spends time the most
  • Spray air-freshener when you invite everyone to gather
  • Spray the curtain and carpet with a fabric freshener

If you want something awesome, you can try DIY stovetop potpourri.

How to do it?

  1. Mix some slices of fragrant fruits, cinnamon sticks, and water in a pot
  2. Bring it to simmer
  3. Keep it on a low heat
  4. Enjoy the fragrant while spending quality time with your family inside the house
  5. Come back to the kitchen to add water to the pot when needed!

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