Master Bedroom Design Inspirations


Bedroom is like your special territory in the home where you can generously pour your personality into the design, or at least, arrange the layouts to fit your taste.

When designing a master bedroom, many things should be considered.

You don’t want to splurge on something you’re not happy with.

So, inspire yourself (and your spouse) with a number of inspirational master bedroom ideas and discuss it seriously.

Now, we’re not talking about copying one bedroom design.

Instead, you can pick one little thing from each of the inspiration and combine all those beautiful ideas into something you truly love.

Down below are master bedroom design ideas to inspire you!

Are you both loving adventure?

You can put a “map of the world” wall art above your headboard!

If you love indoor gardening, or you just love plants so much, you can also place a plant inside your bedroom.

There are at least 2 amazing things in this design:

1) The “Mr & Mrs” wall art.

It’s a great decor for newlyweds. And even though you have married for 3 decades, this kind of decor can bring a romantic feeling inside the room.

2) The fur rug.

Imagine getting up in the cold morning and when you get out of the bed, the first thing you step on is a comfy, cozy, fluffy rug.. oh, what a great welcome to the day!

Aahh! I love beautiful lighting!

Now if you pay attention, lighting is such a crucial part of a design (both interior and exterior).

You can elevate the look using the correct lighting.

Need an idea for a small bedroom?

Take a look t the picture above.

Now the room in the picture might not be “small”. But there are great ideas in the design that you can apply for small spaces.

1) Closet with mirror door.

When your closet with mirror door, and I am talking about a big closet with multiple mirror door, it means you have “a huge wall of mirrors”. And it makes the room feels bigger.

It also means that you don’t need another wall for hanging a mirror.

2) The built-in lamp on the headboard

When your bedroom is narrow in space and you don’t even have a space for placing any bedside table, where can you store things and put a reading lamp?

The answer is the headboard!

Make a built-in lamp for both of you.

Additionally, if you need more space for storing things, you can customize your headboard with shelves in it.

You can also build floating shelves above the headboard.

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