15 Organization Hacks Using Magazine Holder

Magazine holder was invented to organize magazine, that’s for sure. But nowadays this simple thing is not only perfect for magazine organization. In fact, you can actually organize nearly every room in your home just using a pack of magazine holders.

So, below is a list of genius ways to use magazine holder. You can use it to organize your kitchen, closet, and even craft room. Sounds cool, eh? So let’s check them out!

Mount it to your wall to create a corner shelf [and floating table]


via Design Sponge


Convert it to mail rack

via The Organized Housewife


Organize Papers Under Your Printer

Easy DIY Desktop Printer Shelf ~ printer on top of two IKEA wood magazine file holders stored with paper / timewiththea.com

via Time with Thea


Stick it to your cabinet door organize cling wrap, aluminum foil, etc

20+ Creative Uses for Magazine Holders to Organize Your Home --> Attach a magazine holder to the inside of the kitchen cabinet door for easy access

via The WandMaker’s Mother


Store your bottles together here

via BH&G


Got too many cans in the pantry? Get them a new home.

via PB&J Stories


Store your fresh vegetables

Better than keeping them in those awful crinkly bags you buy them in. This concept helps maximize shelf space by vertically stacking food that would otherwise just roll around and get squished.

via BuzzFeed


Compile your Tupperware lids behind your cabinet door

via BHG

Organizing 10+ food containers inside your cabinet could be a frustrating thing. So let the box stacked with the box. Give your lids a home.



Bring your cutting boards together

via Chic and Jo


Keep your recipe cards together

via Simply Organized


Divide pretty things in your craft room

via I Heart Organizing


Organize your scraps in color

via Cooks Cleans Plays with Paper


Organize your huge collections of yarn

august 2008 - boxesmore august yarn

via Laughing Purple Gold Fish


Use it to store your hair gadgets

via Cosmopolitan


Organize your purses

tips for organizing jewelry and accessories // perpetually chic

via Perpetually Chic


So, have you tried the hacks at home?

These organization hacks using magazine holder are AMAZING! Oh, I wish I knew these CLEVER organizing hacks SOONER!!! Save these hacks for later! #organizing #organization #magazineholder #hacks #home #homehacks

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