9 Plants That Grow In Shade


When you love gardening but there is a wide area in your backyard that doesn’t get proper sunlight…

Well, you can still take benefit from it!

Not every plant needs full sunlight.

There are various plants that can thrive in shade!



What a fun name!

Impatient loves shades and it can add color to your garden!

If you want a crowded row of touch-me-not plant in your garden, give some space for each of this plant to spread.

Planting touch-me-not plants too closely can make them grow tall instead of spreading well.

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding heart plant has beautiful flowers.

But the flower doesn’t last forever.

The flower usually blooms in late spring or early summer.

Bleeding heart loves shades and a little bit (just a little bit) sun in the morning.

Grow bleeding heart in a well-drained soil and don’t let it rot in a too wet soil!


Begonia has beautiful color that can be a great addition to your patio.

You can plant it directly in the soil or in container under the shade.

However, keep in mind that begonia loves moist soil.

So don’t let it face drought.


If you need a splash of color to your landscape but you have enough flower already, maybe you can plant coleus.

This plant has wonderful leaf color.

Some varieties has bright green color combined with deep red together in a leaf.

Imagine when you have a row of this unique plant in your backyard.

Wouldn’t it look fantastic?

Japanese Forest Grass

Another attractive plant without flowers!

This plant has bright green color which is eye-catching.

This plant doesn’t grow tall.

So, you can use it around huge trees or plant it in a row as the “outer layer” of your landscaping zone.


If you need some perennials which can grow well in shade, you can try growing astilbe.

Astilbe loves shades!

It also loves well-drained soil.

Astilbe has beautiful flower that can add color to your backyard.

But this plant grow comparatively slow so you probably need to wait a bit.


Need a shade-loving plant with low maintenance?

Maybe you need foamflowers!

This plant reproduces with underground stems. It means you probably don’t realize that this plant is reproducing and then suddenly you see the “baby” foamflower appears.


Torenia or wishbone flower doesn’t like hot afternoon sunlight.

Give it some morning sun when you can, and then you can put it back in the shade in the afternoon.

Torenia loves moist soil, but don’t let it becomes too wet because the root can rot.


If you love colorful blooms under the shade, don’t forget to plant hydrangea!

Hydrangea can thrive in shades with little or partial sunlight.

So when you have an area in your garden which got little sunlight in the morning and shade in the afternoon, you can use it to grow hydrangea.

Hydrangea is container-friendly.

It means that you can move it to see some sun in the morning and put it back to the shady area in the afternoon.

It also means that you can grow hydrangea even when you have narrow garden.




Gardening with little sunlight? Yes, it's possible! There are plants that can thrive in shade! You can grow these plants in your garden and give them little sunlight! Check out these beautiful plants and use them to beautify your backyard! #shade #gardening #garden #backyard #landscape #gardenideas


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