10 Wonderful Plants You Might Want To Have In Your Bedroom


A sleepless night is not healthy for your health. Your body deserves a rest to face the next day. That’s why you need to have a quality sleep.

For you who are on the verge of gaining a good sleep, try this natural solution. Pick one or two of the beautiful plants below and put it in a pot in your bedroom.

Having these plants in your bedroom can help you feel more relaxed at night so you can have a better sleep. So, go check them out and pick one for your own bedroom!

Gerbera Daisies

The look of this plant is so mesmerizing with beautiful colors.

This plant releases oxygen at night. So it’s a cool way to clean your bedroom’s air and lets you breathe better all the night. This is a great plant to put in your bedroom if you have insomnia or sleep apnea.

Peace Lily

This plant looks so calm and peaceful. Peace lily has been famous for its toxin-filtering effect. This plant is also able to add moisture to the room, making it a great plant to make your bedroom feels more convenient.

Peace lily is super easy to grow. You only need to water it every weekend and put it in a nice shady spot.


Lavender has been so famous for its relaxing fragrance. Lavender has aromatherapy that is able to help reduce the stress hormone. This plant can also help you have better blood circulation.

So have yourself a pot of lavender in your bedroom. Not only will it be an elegant botanical home decor, it also helps you beat insomnia.


Who wouldn’t love this plant? Jasmine has a sweet enchanting smell. That’s probably why perfume industry loves using this flower. As a plant with aromatherapy feature, jasmine can help you have a better sleep tonight. So if you love the smell of this beautiful plant, have yourself a pot of jasmine next to your bed and enjoy your night relaxedly.


Rosemary is a famous herb that is usually used for delicious cuisines. But did you know? You can actually take benefit of this plant beyond the kitchen.

Yes, you can put a pot of rosemary to help you sleep better. Rosemary has an essential oil that’s able to help you feel calm and control your mood. This plant is also helpful to reduce stress and improve your sleep quality.

English Ivy

English Ivy is one of the easiest plants to grow so even if you hate gardening, you can still have this plant grow well in your home.

English Ivy is a great choice to purify your home’s air, add a natural home decor, and help you improve your quality of sleep.


If you love flowering houseplant you must consider gardenia as a great option. This fragrant plant is able to help you sleep better. The carotenoids compound in this plant is able to improve your sleep quality and it also has antibacterial properties that are good for your health.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is famous for its great benefit for skin and beauty. But did you know? This plant is also helpful to fight insomnia.

Aloe vera is able to purify bad compounds from the air in your room. That way, you are able to have better air and better atmosphere to help you increase your sleep quality.

If you decide to pick aloe vera in your bedroom, don’t forget to put it in your bedroom window so it gets a better amount of sunlight to grow.


Alright, so this plant is actually my favorite one on this list.

Chamomile is an amazing plant that is helpful to improve your sleep quality in two ways.

  1. You can directly put it next to your bed
  2. You can drink a warm cup of chamomile tea before going to bed

Due to its calming and relaxing effect, chamomile is helpful to reduce anxiety, restlessness, and stress. Good reasons to choose as a bedroom plant, eh?


Geranium can grow indoor.

Geranium has beautiful flowers. So it can add color to your bedroom interior.


Quick tips for better sleep tonight!

  • Dry the plants and collect them in a DIY pocket under your pillow. This way you can get a better aroma all night long.
  • Rub beauty products that contain lavender, jasmine, or aloe vera in it. This quick hack is super effective to give a relaxation effect. You can try this non-sticky lotion because it smells so good and it doesn’t feel greasy. [Also because it’s vegan and gluten-free.]
  • Before going to bed, have a hot bath with lavender or jasmine to your bubbles.
  • Craft a DIY lavender-scented eye mask. You can also get it here very easily.
  • Spray your room with lavender/jasmine essential oils.

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