I built this resource page to list recommended things that are really useful. I did a lot of research to find the best things that actually work. This way, I hope you can quickly find great products and save your money from buying “junk”.

Oh, just so you know. I include affiliate links in this page. I may earn commissions for any purchases made through these links at NO EXTRA COST to you. So, don’t worry about it 😉

If you are a DIYer, you might have a huge collection of craft supplies e.g. glues, scissors, yarns, fabric, ribbon, beads, etc. You need an integrated place to put them together so you can save your time and sanity!

That’s why I highly recommend this craft cabinet. There are small drawers for small things and big drawers for ribbon, yarns, cutter, scissors, and other craft tools.

S-Shaped Hanger is a MUST if you have a huge collection of pants and scarfs or if you just simply want to see an organized closet. I really love this invention since it’s a space-saving organizer.

You can keep 5 pants in one vertical row and that means if you have 30 pants you can arrange it with only 6 hangers. How space-saving is that?!

Jerrybox is relatively a new company, yet they got a decent list of smart products.

One of their best product is this makeup organizer. This rotating makeup organizer is a good idea for everyone who has too many makeup or beauty products to arrange.

The rotation is sturdy and the spinning disc moves easily so it’s flexible to use from any angle. A must-have item in a tiny closet and bathroom.

Lazy Susan is a smart organizer that can be spun easily so you can pick what you need quickly.

You can use it to organize your office supplies [paperclips, scissors, rubber bands, highlighters, etc].

Youcan also use it to organize your crafty things.

Oh, and did you know? You can also use Lazy Susan to organize your fridge and pantry. It lets you reach that strawberry jar which is “hidden” behind other jars.

For your kitchen, there is another type of Lazy Susan which is tiered so you can organize more things and optimize the vertical space. I HIGHLY recommend this tool if you got a limited space in the kitchen.