10 Genius Hacks You Should Be Trying to Save $500 This Month


Saving a hundred dollars per month might seem difficult for some of us. Yet today I’m going to talk about saving five hundred dollars per month. Say what?! Yep, saving $500 per month is not impossible, guys. It’s totally doable. Trust me, it’s not that hard. And I just compiled ten amazing hacks to help you achieve the mission.

These are practical and effective tricks to quickly save your money. No, I’m not talking about eating ramen noodles for the whole month. These clever tricks let you cut down your bills without sacrificing an enjoyable life. So what are the hacks? Let’s check them out!

Watch your utilities

Inside Energy reported the monthly electricity bill that varies by state, ranging from $77.8 to $187.6.

Sometimes we do not realize little things that add up a big number to our electricity bills, like leaving the bulb turned on when we don’t use it.

So try to watch your electricity usage more carefully this month. Here are some tricks to practice:

Approximate saving: $30-$60

Learn to cook instead of dining out

If you live with a big family, saving money on food will bring a big impact to your monthly bill. Dining out is pricey, so avoiding this habit can save you so much money per month.

Let’s say you’re a family of 4 and you dine out 3 times per week and the price for each meal is $5, then you spend approximately $240 per month ONLY for eating out. Imagine you can save that $240 per month only by avoiding eating out. So try to reduce this habit. If you used to eat out 3 times per week, try to do that once a week only.

Learn to cook healthy and cheap meals. This way, your family can save hundreds of dollar while having a great time.

Approximate saving: $50-$250

Shop the grocery with a shopping list

Alright, so grocery is one of our primary daily needs. We cannot ditch grocery, but we can reduce our grocery bill. The biggest thing that usually makes us spend too much on groceries is impulse shopping. So attempt to go to the grocery with the shopping list.

How do you know what to write on the shopping list? Plan your meal for the whole week so you know what do you exactly need to buy. Look around your house if there are products or toiletries that are running out.

Try your best to stick to the shopping list. This trick will prevent you from doing “ah I’ll pick this because probably I’m gonna need it“.

Approximate saving: $10-$80

Shop only once a week

So you got a meal plan and shopping list now. What to do next to save more money? You need to shop intentionally, dear. Please do not say, “oh, I think I need a chocolate for tonight, I’m gonna stop at the shop” when you’re driving. This habit will tease you to do impulse shopping and end up wasting so much money.

Make a regular shopping schedule. If you have a weekly meal plan, try to shop once a week too. It will be easier to arrange the shopping list and the grocery stuff.

Approximate saving: $10-$80

Use Rebate Apps to Save Money on Groceries

There are many apps you should be using cash back cashback from your shopping. All you need is scanning your grocery receipt and you can save hundreds of dollar in a year. Some of the apps are Ibotta, SavingStar, and Checkout 51.

Don’t forget to see 7 Practical Shopping Hacks You Should Be Trying to Save Tons of Money

Approximate saving: $5-$10

Enjoy the fresh air outside instead of going to the gym

One of the best things about the warm season is, you can practice outdoor workout every day. So use this benefit to save your money.

Skip the gym membership. Run around your neighborhood in the morning or exercise in your backyard. This is a simple and healthy trick to save your money.

Approximate saving: $40-$50

Ditch the cable

There are so many fun things in life you can do without cables.

I do not use TV cables, guys. And I live happily. I have antenna that works well so I am still able to see what’s going on in the world without subscribing to cable companies.

Don’t underestimate the power of TV antenna, guys. It might be so much cheaper than those fancy cables, but it lets me watch popular TV stations with essential news and entertaining shows.

Honestly, I do not watch TV a lot, so I really do not need cables for now. If you feel you are not a TV person or you just want to save money on entertainment, just use an HD antenna and stop subscribing the cable.

The rate might vary every company, but you can save from $20 to $100 per month.

P.S. If you are gifted with amazing negotiation skill, try to call the company’s customer service. Ask them if you are eligible for any promotion so you get a reduced bill [instead of cutting the cable].

Approximate saving: $20-$100 

Entertain your self [and your family] with something affordable

So we’re talking about saving money while having a good life, aren’t we? Cutting a big number on your expense might be a controversial policy in your family, so make sure you do it the right way to avoid complaints from them [especially your kids].

Keep having fun with your family, but with affordable things. There are some amazing things you can practice:

Approximate saving: $10-$100 [or even more!]

Switch to a lower data plan

Many people wasted their remaining data plan every month. This is usually because they do not really monitor their data usage. Instead of buying a big data plan you don’t really use, try to buy the lower one. Attempt to find free wifi whenever possible.

Approximate saving: $5-$20

Switch to natural cleaner

Statistic Brain reported that the average American spent $42 per month in household cleaning supplies.

So how many cleaning products do you have under your sink today? Are they too many? So, let’s get this thing cheaper and simpler, guys.

Get your self some vinegar, lemon, baking soda and you can make a DIY all-purpose cleaning product that is super cheap.

Approximate saving: $20-$25

These money saving tips to save $500 a month are SUPER COOL! So glad I found these AMAZING hacks! #moneysavingtips #moneysavinghacks #money #savemoney

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