9 Tips to Shop Like A Minimalist

these minimalist shopping hacks are amazing! #minimalism

Minimalism, as the name suggests, is a lifestyle where you live minimally.

It is a lifestyle where you choose to live the essentials of life and saying goodbye to unnecessary things.

By living the minimalist lifestyle you are able to gain more space in your life, save more money, and have less stress.

One of the most important aspects of a minimalist lifestyle is minimalist shopping.

When you live minimally, you live AND shop intentionally. Everything you buy must be considered very carefully. You don’t want to add “unintentional” clutter in your home.

So I have just gathered 9 important lessons to shop like a minimalist. By practicing these tips below you should be able to shop according to the minimalist lifestyle idea and save money.

So, what are you waiting for? Go check them out!

Define your shopping rule

First of all, create some rules for you to practice on shopping. These rules are made by you and specialized for you.

Examples of the rules are :

  • I won’t buy colorful clothes
  • I won’t buy any more boots this year
  • I won’t spend more than $50 for my weekly grocery shopping

Bring the rules with you whenever you go shopping and bear them in mind. This way you can force yourself to purchase only the items that match your need and taste. It’s also a smart way to help you save money.

Consider every single item you pick

When you see something attractive displayed in the shop, ask these questions to yourself:

  • Do I really need this?
  • If I bought this, would it improve my life?
  • If this item was at normal price, would I still buy this?

If the answers are all YES, let yourself purchase it. But if the answers are NO, darling, you probably don’t really need to buy this.

No matter how crazy the sale is or how cute the color of the item is, don’t pick them if you don’t really need them.
Stop adding clutter. Stop wasting money. And live happier.

Quality matters

Focus on choosing quality items for your purchase. Try to find the highest quality item you can afford. The better the quality, the longer it seems to last.

Quality items don’t get broken soon. So you can save a lot of trips to the shop in the near future to buy the same thing. This is a great way to save your money in the long run. And honestly, I prefer quality product because they look more elegant and look more suitable for the minimalist-styled home.

Practice windows shopping

I love window shopping. I checked different shops to see different products but end up buying nothing. I prefer online window shopping because it costs less money and I can do it anywhere.
Window shopping is a fun thing to do. It’s also a great way to reduce your monthly spending because you can avoid impulse shopping.

Research a lot

If you plan to buy something, invest a time to save your money in the future. How do you do that?

Research the product you need to buy.

For example, if you want to buy a new phone, ask yourself what kind of phone do you actually need. There are so many kinds of phone out there with different features. But which features are actually suitable for you?

Research the product very carefully so you don’t need to waste your money or regret your decision. This is also a great way to let yourself know how much the product cost so you can pick the right thing without ruining your budget.

Delay purchases

This hack is applicable in the fashion department.

Whenever you see a super cute t-shirt or shoes or bag, resist making a direct purchase. Instead, take a picture of yourself wearing that item in the fitting room and come home without buying nothing.

For the next week or 2, let yourself contemplate that picture. If you really love it and you feel happier to have the item rather than having your money in your wallet, let yourself purchase it.

Remember, let yourself think and re-think about it for at least 1 week or so.

Plan and evaluate your budget

Whether you decided to put $500 or $5000 to your monthly budget, try to stick to it really faithfully.
Budgeting is a super important part of shopping like a minimalist because you can stop yourself from spending money on the unintentional thing.
To make this hack work, make sure you write down your budget plan in detail. Make a list of things you plan to spend on and the expenses plan.
Whenever you feel like splurging on something that is not in your expense plan, don’t let yourself do it.

Avoid cash

Avoid using cash whenever you can. Keeping cash makes your wallet loaded with clutter. Trading cash also means trading bacteria because you never knew how many people have touched that cash before you.

Only keep cash in your wallet for “emergency” or unexpected situation. But not for the main purposes.

Prepare a shopping list

Sounds obvious, but sometimes we underestimate the power of a shopping list.

Craft a shopping list that really fits your need. After that, use it very faithfully and don’t try to cheat. To make sure you bring it wherever you go, make a digital shopping list so you can access it via your phone. This is also a great way to reduce paper clutter.

By applying this trick, you plan every item you buy and you buy only the item you planned. This way, you can save a lot of money and fulfill your actual need without coming back and forth to the shop.


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