10 Brilliant Organization Hacks for Small Closet

Closet is the house of our fashion collection, am I right? Having so many clothes to store often makes our closet heavily cluttered and feel super tiny. And yes, a cluttered space can easily get messy. Regardless your closet is actually small in size or it’s just the impression, be sure to try these creative closet organization ideas to make it feel bigger.

Alright, Ladies! Let’s get started!


Install rods on your closet door

From Wayside Sacraments.

via Wayside Sacraments

It’s one of the easiest ways to get extra space for organization. You can use it to store your scarf or gloves.


Got another door in your closet? Use it to install wire baskets

via The Decor Fix

Grab some cheap wire baskets with your favorite color and install them behind your closet door. You can use it to put your purse and things that you want to access quickly.

Organize your bag using vertical organizers

Hang a vertical organizer inside your closet and store your bag collection tidily.

This is a clever way to make your bag easy to access, to keep them in shape, and of course to create extra space in your closet.

You can easily get this organizer here.


Optimize the space under the ceiling using baskets


via In My Own Style

As much as I love this space-saving hack, I am afraid that I would need to tiptoe every day to reach the baskets.

But if you don’t mind picking your things on the top of your closet every day (which is so close to the ceiling), you can try this hack to organize your handbags and stuff. Pick baskets with your favorite color so it can boost up your mood in the morning.

Fold your t-shirt into something square so it fits your drawer vertically


via All Day Chic

Save space in your drawer by organizing your t-shirt in a row. This is a space-saving and time-saving way because you can easily spot your favorite t-shirt when you open the drawer.


Organize your pants using smart hangers

I love ergonomic organization tools so I gotta put this hack in this list.

This kind of hanger is super useful especially if you always have busy mornings.

I personally love this hanger because it’s super easy to use, it’s time-saving, and ah, I just love beautiful tidiness.

You can easily get it here.


Use shoe organizers to organize bulky things

Via Ask Anna

Sweater, sweatshirt, and jeans are absolutely not the thinnest objects in the world. In fact, they often take a lot of space in the closet, am I right, Ladies?

Get those bulky things into a shoe organizer. This is a great way to optimize the space.


Use a boot organizer

If you’re lucky enough to own a lot of boots in your closet, try this genius hack to optimize the space in your closet.

You can easily get a smart boot organizer here.


Install rods to organize shoes

via Alloy Love

Got a lot of shoes? Congratulations!

Make yourself and your closet happier by storing your shoe collection using tension rods.

Depending on the actual size of your closet, you can install the rods inside your closet or find suitable space next to your closet to do this.


Divide your drawers

via Fresh American Style

Got some shallow drawer in your closet? Great!

Now grab some cupboard box or cereal box and turn it into drawer divider. The smaller your accessories are, the smaller too the space of the dividers should be.




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10 Brilliant Organization Hacks for a Small Closet/>

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