9 Small Kitchen Organization Hacks That Are Absolutely Space Saving

Every little space in a small kitchen is precious.

Try these space-saving organization ideas and make your small kitchen feel bigger!

Make your cabinets store more (vertically)

Is there too much idle space inside your kitchen cabinets?

Well, put a stackable shelf inside it and make your cabinets store more things.

Those vertical space are too precious to be left uselessly.

Store things behind the door

Attach a wire rack or a transparent hanging shoe organizer to your pantry door and use it to store things.

You can use it to organize herbs, spices, snacks, and other little packages.

Divide your cabinets with labeled baskets

Find some cheap baskets from the dollar store and label them.

Then organize things inside the baskets accordingly and put the baskets to the cabinets.

This trick make things easy to find and so much accessible!

Divide the drawers

Drawer tend to be messy when it’s not handled carefully.

In a room where every space is too precious to be left messy (read: a small kitchen) a drawer divider is a must.

Drawer divider is super helpful to help you organize cutlery, herbs, or spices.

You can DIY your own drawer divider with cardboard box.

But if you have no time for crafting just buy some plastic drawer dividers from the thrift store and arrange it in your kitchen drawers.

Organize the pans horizontally

Stacking up 10 different pans with different sizes inside your kitchen cabinet can be frustrating, isn’t it? That makes cooking a little more time-consuming because taking out one pan is a difficult task.

So ditch that ineffective way.

Organize your pan side by side so you can pick any of them quickly.

Of course you gotta need a pan organizer and put it inside your cabinet, but there are cheap pan organizers out there so you can solve the problem on a budget.

Store things inside uniform jars

Uniformity in shape and size is an amazing sign of tidiness.

So grab some cheap jars from the thrift store, label them, and use them to organize all of your cereals, flours, rice, and so on.

Display the mug under the wall cabinets

Whether you got colorfully cute mugs or just the plain white ones you can proudly display them beautifully.

Use a hanging organizer and install it right under your wall cabinet and hang your mugs there.

This gives a chic look between those monotonous-looking cabinets and this trick also space-optimizing!

Remember, don’t let a good space left uselessly in a small kitchen.

Make the cabinets under your sink work harder

Organizing space under the sink is super tricky.

It’s definitely not large. What’s more, there are plumbing stuff inside that dark area that doesn’t look tidy.

To solve the problem, you can use stackable meshes.

Stack them as needed under your kitchen sink.

You can use the meshes to organize dishwashing stuff (sponge, dishwasher tablets) and other cleaning products as well.

Store things behind the cabinets doors

I got a riddle for you.

How many doors does your kitchen actually have?

Hint: it’s probably more than 10.

Look at those cabinets. Each of them has door, doesn’t it? And earlier in this post we’ve learned that a door can be used for storing things by attaching an organizer.

So, why not utilizing those little doors for organizing things as well?

You can use command hooks or small hanging rack behind the cabinets doors and use those made-up spaces for organizing small items.

Happy organizing!



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