How to Stop Worrying About What Other People Say


Everybody needs and wants to be accepted. We want to be liked and loved. That is a natural feeling of a human.

The problem comes when we place that feeling in the center of the world, making every busy effort to gain people’s attention and forcing every way we can to fulfill their expectation.

When we let other people standard occupy our life, we start to lose ourselves. And believe me, it hurts.

It hurts a lot.

Maybe you have told yourself so many times to be the true you, but when you want to start revealing your true passion or doing something you have been waiting to do, there is a negative whisper in your ear: what will people think about it? I know how that fear feels.

Honey, here are several things to bear on your mind whenever that anxiety comes up.

Listen to your inner voice, what is your true value in this life?

Everybody has their own standard in life.  One person thinks you are successful if you run the business your father has established. Other person thinks you are successful if you become a scientist. Other people might think you’re the man of the world if you gained a billion of followers on Twitter.

But what do you truly aim for in life? Please be honest with yourself.  And grip that value so tight that you can stand on when people try to judge you.

Guess what, nobody actually really cares 

Unless they’re madly in love, most of the people tend to be narcissistic, nearly selfish. The one person they really think the most in their days is their own selves.

They might comment something about you, then about the person next to you, then about the person behind you. Then they might comment about celebrities. They might also comment about everybody else in the world.

Think realistically, do they truly care about every single person they commented about?

Of course not.

People have their own life. And you’re not that famous to be something people concern in their mind all the time.

Nobody really cares about what you are doing even when they give a comment to you (once again, unless they’re madly in love with you.)

Let go of perfection

It’s fine to have a high standard in life if you’re able to fulfill that. But there are things in this world that will consume too much of your time and energy if you do that in a ‘perfect’ way. Sometimes, being ‘just right’ is the right thing to do.

Don’t Overthink Things

The habit of overthinking might lead you to worry about being judged, even when you’re not. Direct your energy into something positive instead of overthinking a sad thing.

Understand that this is your own life.

At the end of the day, it’s you yourself who live your own life. Nobody else does. No matter how long people throw a speech to you, it’s still your life. It’s you who knows how you truly feel. It’s you who live it. And every decision you make for your life, it’s you who will take the risk.

If you need advice, ask it from someone you trust

However, there are big things in life that need deep considerations. In this kind of situation, of course, you can listen to people’s advises. Carefully choose people you truly trust for this kind of matter, for example, best friends who know you so well or highly experienced person who knows the subject.

Put negativity out of your life

Haters gonna hate. No matter how good you are there is always people who don’t like you. But that must not stop you from being the true you.

So, whenever a hater shouts out something negative to you, simply ignore them. Listening or even replying their words will only wasting your energy and time.

Focus on what’s important (and keep working on it)

Put your time and energy to establish the better version of you. And the true you. Optimize the talents and ability you got to make you a better person and sparkle positive spirits.

You are not an apple. And even if you were an apple, there would be still someone who doesn’t like apple. Everybody has their own taste and perspective, even the identical twins. So focus on what’s really important. Focus on your value.

Please all and you will end up pleasing nobody.



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