33 Useful Things To Do At Home


Time is money.

That’s one popular phrase.

But did you know?

There is another proverb which sounds much stronger.

Time is like a sword. If you don’t cut it, it will cut you.

Arabic Proverb

You can use time to achieve the greatest achievement in your life.

But if you don’t use it well, it can destroy you instead.

Use time well. Even when you are at home.

Oh, yes, you can be productive at home.

Productivity can be done even when you’re not at the office.

You can still be productive even when you’re staying inside the house all day.

Need some ideas?

Check out this list!

For the home

1: Organize your fridge

2: Label your pantry canisters

3: Arrange your baking cabinets

4: Declutter your closet

5: Declutter your bathroom

6: Deep clean your windows


8: Deep clean your oven

9: Deep clean your coffee machine

10: Clean your entryway really well [there might be some germs there]

11:Try new recipe for dinner

12:Bake a bread

13: Learn meal prep


14: Convert a broken furniture/boring old furniture into something else

15: Make a craft using “trash” (e.g. craft using toilet paper roll)

16: Learn origami

17: Draw a beautiful flower bouquet and color it

18: Make simple bath bombs


19: Make video call with your parents/ grand parents

20: Make a little surprise for your spouse

21: Call your old friends and wish them a good health

Health and Fitness

22: Do sit ups

23: Make a rope jump championship in your family IF YOUR KIDS ARE BIG ENOUGH

24: Measure your body, write it in your fitness journal, and create a challenge for yourself

25: Make immune-boosting drinks/soups using the spices and ingredients you have at home


26: Update your LinkedIn profile

27: Update your CV/design a new one with a more modern look

28: Reply to the new emails from your boss or coworkers.

29: Revamp your work outfit. Mix and match. You can practice it in your next teleconference.

Personal Development

30: Write 100 things you are feeling grateful of

31: Learn 3 new words per day of foreign language

32: Read motivational book or ebook

33: Write your dreams

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