10 Tips To Prevent Health Problem Caused by Your Computer


In the century full of robots and new technology, it’s hardly possible to work without a computer. Everybody stares at a computer screen in their office. Most of them watch it for long hours. INCLUDING ME! And probably including you too? Guess what, guys, after a long week in front of that captivating screen, some people suffer from health problems that prevent them to work. Isn’t it ironic when someone cannot work well because they had worked so hard before?

We want to be productive and keep working to achieve our goals. We don’t want to feel sick, especially sickness due to the work itself. Fortunately, I have gathered ten of the best tips to fight health problem that caused by working in front of the computer. So check them out!

Make sure your eyes are on the same level with your screen

I had been suffering from shoulder pain for a while. I strongly suspect it was due to too much looking down to my screen since I sat in a higher seat. But after applying this trick, the pain is instantly gone and I am able to face the day smoothly. Prevent shoulder and back pain by placing your screen on the same level of your eyes. If your table is too low, stack some books or craft a DIY computer stand up out of a cardboard box.

Position your screen so it’s 20-30 inches away from your eyes

That’s right. You need to put your screen far enough so you don’t force your eyes to keep focusing on something too close. Myopia doesn’t only attack the book lovers, but also gadget users who watch their screen too close for a long time. Go save your eyes!

Adjust the brightness

Sometimes I feel that my eyes muscles are stiff and that’s when I forgot to lower my screen brightness. A bright computer screen can make your eyes stiff and even irritated. Turn your screen brightness and feel how pleasant your eyes feel. Do it now.

See? Don’t you instantly get relaxed?

Mind the glare

Wear anti-glare glasses to prevent your eyes from staring at the reflective light. With a lower glare, your eyes can focus easily. If you don’t feel like wearing a glasses, you can invest on a cheap anti-glare screen protector instead. It’s more practical.


The short explanation for this trick is TAKE A BREAK. The long version is Every 20 minutes in front of your screen, take a break by focusing your eyes on an object that placed 20 feet away from you [not on the screen] for 20 seconds. This is a simple thing to prevent your eyes from fatigue. You can set a timer next to your computer that beeps every 20 minutes so you remember to apply this hack.

Use a high-resolution computer screen

Why did the computer companies invent high-resolution screens? Because it’s enjoyable for their customers’ eyes. It’s easy to see so it can prevent our eyes from fatigue

Blink diligently

Yep, you read that right. Staring computer screen for a long time can make your eyes dry. So don’t forget to blink. It’s a super tiny trick with great impact because blinking frequently will keep your eyes moist.

Position your keyboard properly so your wrist and finger can reach it easily

Make sure your keyboard is placed in front of you so you can reach it easily and your wrists do not need to bend painfully. If you face two or three computers at once, use a swivel chair so you can move easily to adjust your seating position.

Type gently

Even when you have 90 WPM typing speed, you can always practice gentle typing, where you touch the keyboard without too much pressure. Choose ergonomic keyboard that lets you touch-typing.

See your ophthalmologist regularly

Sometimes we don’t realize that a little thing we do every day can lead to a major health problem. Sometimes we don’t realize that we have a sure sign of a sickness. So, schedule a visit to your eye doctor regularly to make sure that everything is okay with your eyes.


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