11 Healthy Vegetables You Can Grow In Containers


Vegetables are so good for health.

It contains vitamins and minerals which are important for the body.

Vegetables also contains fiber which is helpful to make digestive system works normally.

And actually it’s not only about health.

It’s also about the taste and the art of cooking.

Vegetables have special features which are needed to make the whole meal look colorful and more tasteful.

Vegetables are so important.

The problem appears when you got no access to grocery store and you cannot even leave the house.

How can you eat vegetables?

To make life easier, you can plant vegetables around your home and pluck some of them when you need cooking.

You don’t have to own a vast yard to do this [although it would give you a lot of freedom].

You can plant the vegetables in pot and place it around your home.

Down below are awesome vegetable plants you can grow in containers!

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Growing vegetables in containers? Yes, it's possible! Growing your own food in your garden can make gardening more meaningful! Check out these awesome vegetables that you can grow in containers! Container gardening can make gardening more fun and practical! #gardening #gardeningideas #garden #containergardening



This red thing is really a thing in cooking!

Tomato is so useful in cooking.

You can use it to make tomato paste. The tomato paste itself can be used for lasagna, pasta, and so many kinds of main course.

Growing potato in a pot is not hard, actually.

You will need a large pot to provide good soil and good nutrient to the plant.

Make sure the pot has drainage holes. You can add more holes with drills in the bottom of the container.

Before planting, check the tomato variety and find the info about how big it can grow, then choose the suitable container.

If you don’t have a big container, you can still plant the tomato in a small pot/ bucket but the plant would be smaller and it would also yield fewer fruits.

P.S. Check the variety of your tomato plant. If it says vining tomato or indeterminate tomato, you might need to prepare a stake to support the vining.


Yes, it’s possible to grow carots in pots.

But you need to pick the right variety [the shorter one].

Carrot loves great drainage system.

So make sure your pot has multiple holes to prevent the soil gets wet or too moist.


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From fried potato wedges to mashed potato to potato soup, this vegetable is so good for cooking!

You can use it everyday for various cuisines!

To grow potatoes in containers, you will need large and deep containers.

Keep the potato in a good moisture with water. But don’t let it get soaked!


Who loves turnip fries?!!


You can grow your turnips at home so when it’s ready to harvest you don’t need to go to the grocery store to purchase it!

Find a large container and fill it with good soil to grow the turnip.

Water it often to keep the soil moist.

When watering turnip, make sure the soil is evenly moist.

Make sure the water pass through the drainage holes.

Don’t overwater though, cause it can kill the plant.

The key is consistent interval of watering.


You can grow this purple vegetable when you live in a hot area or when you have a hot season, something around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Because eggplant loves sun so much!

Eggplants love nutrients too. So, make sure the soil is well-fertilized before planting.

Grow your eggplant in a large container and give each plant enough space to grow their root.


Green leaves, anyone?

Spinach is a popular greens that can be involved in your dinner pasta, in your lunch salads, or breakfast smoothies.

Spinach is rich in irons. Consume it with vitamin-C sources so the body can absorb the iron better.

By the way, you can grow this green awesomeness in your garden in a pot!

It’s probably one of the easiest vegetable to grow in containers, even when you live in an apartment with narrow balcony!

You can grow single plant of spinach in mini pot or use a wide pot to hold many spinach plants at once.

Spinach hates too much heat.

So put it under shades when you live in a hot area.

Make sure the soil is well-drained and don’t let the soil clog the drainage.


Lettuce can grow in container too.

This plant loves full sun, although a little bit of shade is totally tolerable.

Grow your lettuce in a well-drainage pot and water it once week to keep it moist (but not wet).


Have you ever seen vining cucumber plants?

If you do, you probably wondering how can you plant that kind of plant in a container.

Well, actually it’s totally possible.

Some cucumber plant has vines that can spread like crazy.

So, if you want to plant it in a pot, build a trellis/fence first to give the plant something to hold on.

Build in on a large pot.

Also make sure that the fence is sturdy.

Actually, if you hate the idea of trellis on a pot, you can try another type of cucumber; the bush one.

Bush cucumber doesn’t need trellis and it’s easier to grow in pots.

It also needs smaller area of planting so you can use a small garden or smaller pot.


Cabbage needs partial to full sun.

Give space for each plant so the container doesn’t get too crowded.

CAUTION: the plant get gets large.

If you’re not sure how large the leaves can reach, you can plant the cabbage in an individual pot so they don’t bother each other.


Zucchini can be grown in pot easily when you have a large pot with great drainage filled with nutrient-rich soil.

Just like tomato and cucumber, zucchini plant can be bush-type or vining-type.

Both type needs large area so you will need a big pot.

Bell Pepper

Bell peppers can be used for so many kind of cuisines.

They also have various color so they can be a great addition to your cuisine presentation.

Growing bell peppers in your garden is possible when you live in a hot climate or when your garden has 70 Fahrenheit heat.

To grow bell pepper, you will need a decently large pot [about 12 inches deep or more] because bell pepper has large root.

This plant loves heat and sunlight.

Putting them under shades is not a good idea.

If you start planting from seed, you will need to wait approximately 60 to 90 days before you can enjoying the “fruits” on your plate.


Growing vegetables in containers? Yes, it's possible! Check out these awesome vegetables that you can grow in containers! Grow your food in your garden! #gardening #gardeningideas

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