Lazy Girl Hacks to Save Time and Money on Cleaning

Sometimes house gets dirty before we knew it.

If you hate cleaning, or you don’t want to spend too much on cleaning products, or you just don’t have too much time for cleaning, well, should try these amazing hacks!

Use your dishwasher to clean more than just plates

Who says a dishwasher is only for cleaning plates and glasses? You could clean other small things there such as plastic toys, makeup brushes, and toothbrushes. This is definitely a time-and-sanity saver.

Set A Timer

Challenge yourself to accomplish one room cleaning in 15 minutes or so. By doing this, you allow yourself to work quicker and automatically try any possible ways to make the cleaning steps done faster.

Clean Any Spill Using Flour

Yes. Flour. When you have a sticky or wet spill on your floor or table, just sprinkle some flour on it so the flour absorbs the wetness. You might want to sprinkle a little bit more flour so you don’t get your hand sticky too.

After that, use a sheet of paper towel to collect them and throw it away.

Fill your toilet’s water tank with a jar of vinegar

Vinegar is one of the most effective [and cheap!] cleaning product. So prepare a white vinegar inside a jar [that has a hole in the lid]. Put this awesome weapon in your toilet’s water tank and see the good results.

Woohoo! No need of toilet scrubbing for weeks!

Clean your microwave by heating a bowl of lemon and water inside of it

You’ve probably heard so many times the amazing function of lemon. But did you know that you can use it to save your time when cleaning the microwave too?

Just slice a lemon into two halves and put it in a bowl. Pour some water into the bowl and microwave that natural cleaner for 3 minutes. The interior wall of your microwave will be automatically soaked by the smart mixture. All you need after that is wipe it gently with a clean cloth.

No need to rub or brush! And surely no need to buy pricey cleaning product!

Clean your oven by placing a bowl of ammonia overnight

Next time you got a dirty, dirty oven, don’t bother yourself wasting your money on the expensive cleaning products.

Don’t waste time your time by rubbing the oven for hours either. There is a better and smarter way to clean it.

Before you go sleep, preheat the oven to 150-200 degrees Fahrenheit and turn it off.

After that, put a bowl of ammonia o the first rack and a pan of boiling water on the rack below it. Close the oven and go to sleep. When the morning comes, finish the cleaning process by wiping it with a damp cloth quickly.


Clean your lampshades with a lint roller

Pick your lint roller from the laundry room or wherever it is. Gently roll it over your dirty lampshades.

See? The dust stuck there on the roll and your lampshades become clean. A genius hack of dusting!

Organize your drawer with containers/dividers

Not only will it make your drawer tidier than ever, but this trick is also a time-saver when it comes to cleaning.

So drawer needs to be cleaned too. But when you have a huge collection of spoons in your drawer, cleaning activity could be a daunting task.

By applying this trick, you can easily migrate those spoons and forks and knives super quickly instead of picking them one by one. After you finished cleaning, you can put those spoons back super easily as well.

Dry your clothes quicker with a sheet of dry towel

Before you press the start button of your tumble dryer, put a dry towel inside. The dry towel will absorb the moisture of your clothes so the drying process will be faster.

That way, you can save energy and money on electricity.

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