How to Make Your Bathroom Smell Good


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Today let us talk about the bathroom.

We go to the bathroom many times a day. And talking about your home’s bathroom, everyone needs to go there at least twice a day. That’s why everybody wants it to be clean and pleasant.

Having a smelly bathroom is a frustrating thing.

Maybe you realize you just deep-cleaned it yesterday but the bad smell keeps coming again and again.

Here are some tricks you need to try to get your bathroom away from odor.

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Wash the window and the walls

Yep, if you deep-clean another room of your house, you must be doing the windows and the walls. So why don’t you do such things to the germiest room of the house?

You never really know how do people treat the bathroom and what did they spill on the wall (if you have boys I’m sure you know what I mean!) You never know how many germs stay on the surface of the wall or window.

So cleaning them regularly will bring yourself one step further to a cleaner bathroom. Clean it so well especially for the area behind the toilet. Remember, to get rid of the odor, you need to get rid of the germs and dirt.

Change the Towels Every Single Day

Towels are for everyday use and you probably have no idea how much the germs love the wet towels. So change the towels every single day.

Attempt to change it at the fixed time everyday i.e. every 6 p.m. or every before you go to sleep. This is helpful to prevent you from forgetting it. Right after you change it, launder it right away to prevent the germs from growing in your laundry room.

Change the Rug Every Day

Poor rugs. It’s put down there, being rumpled all the time, and still being forgotten. Did you realize? The rugs might contain tons of bacteria because they receive tens or maybe hundreds rubs from foot every day.

The dirt and germs are accumulated heavily and are ready to bring hygiene problem to your house.

So change the rug every day.

Don’t know about you, but I love rubbing my feet on a clean, fresh rug. So changing the rug is actually one of my favorite things (and probably the only thing I like haha) for bathroom cleaning.

You don’t need, I repeat, you don’t need to own 7 different bathroom rugs. Having 2 bathroom rugs is enough as long as you have a tumble dryer. Every time you change a rug, put the old one directly to the washing machine so you can use the “old” one tomorrow.

Wash the Bathroom Curtain Regularly, if you have any

If there is any curtain in your bathroom, then there is another chance for the germs to build a home. So try to wash your bathroom curtain regularly like once or twice a month.

Get the Brush Bowl Cleaned too!

So you’ve cleaned the walls, the windows, the rugs, the toilet, but you still catch a bad smell? Where does it come from? Maybe the bad guy is the house of your toilet brush. That smelly bowl! Oh, did you notice it before?

Pour half a cup of vinegar into the bowl in the night to get a fresh morning. When you pour the vinegar, let the toilet brush sit there (don’t bother removing it) because you want to maximize the magical function of the vinegar to strike both of the bowl and the brush.

Get yourself A Spray to Combat Bad Smell

If you have a collection of essential oils, some rubbing alcohol, and some mini spray bottles, you can do this easily.

Just mix 15 drops of your essential oils (i.e. lemongrass with grapefruit or peppermint), put it in the mini spray bottle,  and add 10 ml of rubbing alcohol. Add a little water, shake them well, and spray it to the toilet bowl after you use it.

Make sure the toilet smells good before you leave it.

Make Your Trashcan Smell Good Naturally

Only with 1/2 cup of baking soda, 10 drops of essential oil, and some little water, you can get yourself a pack DIY trashcan deodorizer tabs.

Just mix the ingredients really well (use gloves or spoon), then put the mixture on the silicone molds, and let it sit overnight until it’s dry.

Every single day, put one tab in your bathroom trashcan to remove the smell with fragrance.

Open the Window

One effective way to let the odor go away is to give them the way to escape. So when you’re home and you’re sure you live in a secure location, let your bathroom windows open.

This will let the bad air go away and the fresh air come in.

Make Your Toilet Paper Another Resource of Fragrance

Make use of your natural fragrance collection to your toilet paper.

This is an easy trick that can bring an impressive impact.

Only a few drops of essential oil to the toilet paper roll and not only will it gives the pleasant fragrance to the person who sits on the toilet seat but also to the whole bathroom.

P.S. remember to use the essential oil in the cardboard area of the toilet paper roll (not the toilet paper itself).

This is to avoid problems on sensitive skin AND to make the fragrance last longer.

Pick A Room Freshener

There are a lot of bathroom fresheners out there with many kinds of fragrance.

There is also automatic air freshener which sprays out pleasant fragrance every several minutes It’s an instant way to get your bathroom one step fresher.

Get Your Bathroom A Candle 

Lit up a candle in your bathroom. Just make sure you get a fragrant candle so not only will you get the romantic atmosphere, but also the pleasant fragrance for your lavatory.

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