11 Flowering Plants You Can Grow From Cuttings

Do you love flowers?

Having your own flower garden sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

When you have 1 flowering plant in your garden, you might want to have another one.

But sometimes, when you start growing a plant from seeds it can take so long until you see them become mature plant.

When you wanna start growing plant from seedlings, it can be a bit pricey when you buy it from nursery.

So, what’s the solution?

Well, maybe you should try flower gardening from cuttings.

Gardening from cuttings is such a smart idea.

You cut some part of the plant to grow new plant(s). This is considerably faster and have higher chance of success compared to gardening from seeds.

Using this asexual propagation method, you can grow many baby plants from 1 parent plants.

Besides, asexual reproduction USUALLY keep the characteristic of the parent plant (the baby and the parent plant are genetically identical).

There are so many flowering plants that can be propagated from cuttings.

Down below are some of them.


Prepare a propagation media in a container/pot : mix the equal part of coarse sand and peat.

Prepare the cutting: Find the limb of the Camellia shrub. Cut the limb that just freshly grows as it has a higher chance of rooting. If possible, find it around the fifth node. Trim the leaves, let only 2-3 leaves remained on the top of the cutting. Repeat this process so that you have several cuttings (to improve the chance of success).

Optional step: dip the bottom of the cutting in the rooting hormone.

Propagate: Plant the cutting in the media which is 4 inches deep. Keep the cutting moist (BUT NOT WET). Give it some mist when needed.

When the cutting has roots, transfer it to the soil.


Pink Azalea flowers bush in botanical garden

To increase your chance of success, you can start propagating azalea cutting in late May or early June.

Prepare the media: mix peat and perlite in equal parts. Moisten the media (outside the container) and let it sit for 2 days. After that, put the soil into the container at least 4 inches deep.

Prepare the cuttings: Water your azalea bush. The next day in the morning, find a new, fresh greenish stem and cut it BELOW THE NODE. 1 cutting should be around 3 inches long. Remove the lower leaves so that only a few leaves on the top remained. Oh, also remove all flower buds. After that, dip the bottom of the cutting into the rooting hormone.

Propagate: Insert the cuttings to the media (soil). You can give each cutting some coverage to retain moisture. Give it some water. Let the cutting enjoy indirect sunlight. Water the cutting when it’s dry.


Lavender Flowers Field. Growing and Blooming Lavender

Prepare the cuttings: Come to your lavender plant. Find the branch which has 2 colors (green in the upper part and brown in the lower part). Right under the green part, cut it. Now you get a cutting full of leaves, am I right? After that, strip off all the lower leaves of the cutting (2 inches from the base). If there is any flower on the cutting, remove it. Repeat the process until you get several cuttings.

Optional: dip the bottom of the stem to the rooting hormone.

Propagate: Put the cutting inside a glass of water. Make sure that the striped part of the stem touches the water. Wait for 2-3 weeks or until you see some good roots. After that, you can transfer it into the soil.


cultivated flowers: many colored dahlia, nature background

Prepare the cuttings: Cut some stems of the dahlia plants. Remove the lower leaves. Rub the bottom of the cutting with some rooting hormone.

Propagate: Insert the dahlia cuttings to your rooting media. Spray some water so that the media is moist.


To propagate Hydrangea from cuttings, you will need to take a softwood cutting from a new growth on the plant.

The best time to do this is in late spring or early summer. Cut a 4-6 inch piece of stem off of the plant and remove the leaves from the bottom 2/3 of the cutting.


Beautiful rose bush


Passion Flower

Growing passion flower from seeds can take so long. You might wanna try the faster method; growing it from cutting.


White gardenia in full bloom

In early spring, come to your gardenia plant and find several non-flowering stems. Cut those stems below the leaf nodes. Make sure that each cutting is around 4 inches long. After that, dip the bottom of the cutting into the rooting hormone powder.

Insert the cuttings into rooting media which contains equal amounts of peat moss, coarse sand, and perlite. Wait for around 3 weeks until it has roots. After that, transfer it to the soil.


Closeup of geranium macrorrhizum, crane’s bill in bloom among green spring foliage.

Plumeria (Frangipani)

Branch of tropical pink flowers frangipani (plumeria) on dark green leaves background

Already have flowering plants in your garden? Wonderful! Check if you have any of the plants above and if you do, consider to multiply them using cutting method.

Don’t have any flowering plants? No worries! Now purchase a flowering plant from your local nursery BUT pick the one that is able to reproduce asexually. After that, multiply that plant using the cutting method. This way, you can pay for 1 plant and get so many plants.

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