11 Cut Flower Plants That Grow In Full Sun

If you live in a wonderful place where the sun shines every day and you want to start a cut flower garden in your backyard, maybe you should consider these flowers!

These flowering plants love sun!

Some of them grow well in a cooler temperature, some of them prefer warmth.

So, wherever you live, whether it’s a cool area or a warm area, as long as you have full sun, you can grow at least one of these plants!

Pick some of these plants and grow them in your garden!

Water them well, feed them well, and expose them to full sunlight everyday!

California Poppy

You can grow this beauty from seed to flower in a few weeks!

Just make sure that the germination environment is optimum for them.

For the germination, they love cool soil.

After that, keep this plant under a full sunlight and well-drained soil.

But don’t expose it to 90 degrees Fahrenheit heat too often as it might die.

So, you can start the seedling in spring and wait for the plant to bloom in summer. If your region is too hot (above 90 degrees Fahrenheit) you might consider keeping this plant under the shade or in a cooler area of your garden.


This beautiful flower needs full sunlight and well-drained soil.

But it prefer cooler temperature, something like 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Don’t overwater the plant or you might kill it.

P.S If you have shady area in your garden, you can put this plant under the shade after 5 hours of sunlight exposure.


This pretty perennial can grow well under full sunlight in a cooler region.

If your garden receives blistering hot summer every year maybe you want to put this flowering plant under partial shade so the leaves are not “burnt”.

When growing daffodils, make sure that the

Yellow daffodils are so popular. But did you know? Daffodils can also come in orange, white, and even in a beautiful pink color.


Also known as Echinacea, this amazing flowering plant is beneficial for health and also aesthetically great to be used as cut flowers.

Growing coneflower in a full sun is a good idea.

This flowering plant loves full sunlight in a cool-slightly warm temperature around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, when you plant it in a hot climate, give this plant some shade so it doesn’t burn.


Now if you really love fantastic cut flowers with various colors and various types you should consider growing dahlias.

Give dahlia plants full sun in warm temperature, but not too hot.

To help dahlia produce flowers, make sure the soil is always moist and moderately fertilized.

Living in a cooler area?

Maybe you can try growing daisy!

Daisy can grow well under full sun in a cool region.

However, if you want to grow daisy in a hot climate, give it some shade.


Lavender loves places with full sun in a cool or moderately warm temperature.

Usually lavender hates cold winter. But if you live in a cold climate and insist of growing lavender, try to find cold-tolerant lavender (yes, it does exist!).

Lavender doesn’t like too-humid soil. Actually, lavender is pretty much a drought-tolerant plant. So never overwater it.


Marigold can grow well under full sun.

Yes, the marigold plant needs some water. But don’t water it too much because it can cause problems such as root rot or powdery mildew.


Ranunculus or buttercup comes in various colors.

Ranunculus loves full sunlight in a cool temperature.

Water it well, but not too much. Overwatering Ranunculus can cause root problem.


It’s a bit unfair if we talk about sun-loving cut flowers and we exclude rose from the list.

Rose is a beautiful flowering plant that you can grow under full sunlight.

Give it a decent amount of sunlight everyday and water it well.


Yes, of course!!

Why do we call it sunflower if it cannot thrive under the sun?

Not only does this plant tries to impersonate the look of the sun through its flower, this plant also loves sunlight!

Grow this plant under a full sunlight and water it regularly.


Finally, a flowering plant that are perfect for a tropical area.

Geranium loves full sun and it can tolerate heat.

Grow geranium under direct, full sunlight every day and keep the soil well-drained.

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